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Thursday, March 19th, 2020 9:54 PM

LogMeIn apps/services over the AT&T network

I'm an IT Analyst with my company and work from home. In supporting my work associates, I have to use a "LogMeIn" type of service to access users remote computers. Our IT dept just found out that AT&T will no longer allow "LogMeIn" types of services to run over their network. My question is, is this for Personal AT&T home accounts or is this also for Business accounts? Sounds like a lot of people who work from home in the capacity of support positions are about to cancel their services with AT&T.

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4 years ago

Hey @dswimbley,

We see you are trying to use a remote access service. We do not know of any block on remote access services. Personal and business type accounts have different types access. What error are you getting when trying to use the "Logmein" service?


Max, AT&T Community Specialist

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