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Friday, December 6th, 2019 11:44 PM

Insurance claim, customer service, internet, direct tv

My iPad fell and was broken.  The glass shattered and the iPad actually bent. It was in a protective shatter proof case.  I went to the att store at 5521 Greenville Ave 101 Dallas TX 75206. I showed the iPad to the employee, he stated YOU WILL NEED TO CALL ATT FOR THAT. He gives me the number to call from my phone.  He then tells me quote

“Don’t tell them you are in the store or they will want me to take care of it “.  Don’t forget, I’m standing in an att store!  I call, after being transferred and put on hold multiple times and 52 minutes later, I state, *****, I can do this from my house “ and I walk out. Don’t forget, I’m still on hold with a rep!  When the rep comes back on the line, I tell her exactly what was happening.   She was very nice, her name Chloe ID #*****, she was amazed at what had just happened and said she was sending a report to her supervisor.  I believe she did but I haven’t received confirmation of that, have not heard from att so I WANT TO MAKE SURE A COMPLAINT IS FILED AGAINST THESE 2 EMPLOYEES. I WILL SEE THIS TOO THE END. I don’t want them to be terminated, I just want to know something is done regarding their customer service


I have 3 accounts with ATT, wireless for over 25 years, internet and direct tv.  My wireless and internet services were on one bill.  Bundled !  Their favorite advertisement word, until this past August.  I started getting 2 bills. I have called and been on countless chats with ATT trying to get this “bundled” again.   My accounts now show a very large credit on the internet account and a past due balance on my direct tv.  Which is why I need them “bundled”. While I was in the ATT store, I thought I would go ahead and make a payment. But because the accounts are so screwed up, another employee in the ATT store, Jillian, couldn’t figure it out and refused to take a payment.  Fine, I’ll keep my money


Now 3 days into the iPad ordeal, and also again trying to fix the bill, I still have a broken iPad and a ***** bill


I have made a claim with the insurance company, ASURION. I was given this information after multiple transfers around ATT.   I sent a picture of ID and the affidavit they needed.  I then received an email from them needing more information and to please call them. Guess what, their phone system is messed up and won’t recognize prompts so I keep getting transferred back to ATT. It’s a vicious mind boggling experience.  One that has left me very mad and determined to do something about ATT CUSTOMER SERVICE   I have talked to no less than 8 people at ATT today. I started at 9:30 am and it is now 5:25 pm


I have visited 2 ATT stores and an apple store (during 1 of my many calls, a rep told me to go to Apple Genius Bar to have iPad replaced, they even made the appointment for me). I knew this sounded crazy because I bought the iPad from Att but I went anyway, stood in line for over 30 minutes, to have apple rep tell me they have nothing to do with this!  FYI. I was talking to an att rep while in line at Apple.


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