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Sat, May 12, 2018 1:03 AM

Im terrible at math but.........

Even though math was never my strongest subject..... I think I'm missing something here and would be completely grateful if somebody could maybe a explain what is going on here..... once again not only do I have intermittent service so in 21 days I've only been active online for 7 I had a credit on my account for $89 at first I thought it was a fluke but it stayed on my account for a good two and a half weeks (I have photos documenting the dates just to make sure if anything happened I could later verify ) so my last payment received was $50 which assuming they used that credit but now there's only 1.50$  left so .$89-$50 =$1.50? Ummmm continuously kicked off saying that my password is incorrect and I keep receiving notices that say there's been a temporary outage or something the green light come back on when everything is fixed well it's never turn red it's always green I haven't been online so how would í use data?? And the last time I talked to a representative he verified that there was an outage it lasted a couple days and that it was fixed 12 hours prior it's been four days since I talked to him and I'm still out with whenever I try to connect to my Broadband it says there's been an emergency something something blah blah,,....  so whether or not there was an outage is still to be determined but the billing question if anyone has any input that Be great thanks 

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