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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 5:24 PM

I would like (need) Internet, Please!

I've been trying to get Internet installed at my house for over a year now.  On a weekly basis, I chat with customer support and its the same answers: sign up for updates regarding Internet in your area (I've have not received any emails regarding any type of status), purchased an hotspot device a few months ago and its getting really expensive. 


I live in the middle of our street and the folks (30-40 houses) to the West of me have Internet whereas the people who live East of us (15-20 houses) have no Internet.


Wife and I have mobile devices, landlines, and DSL (at prior address) for over 15 years as a ATT customer.


Can someone help us aquire Internet service?  What do we need to do?  Who to contact?  I am getting pretty tired of "waiting for things to happen".  And you maybe able to get those people who don't have Internet service as potential customers!


Thank you!



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9 years ago


Hello hillpounder,


AT&T has ended it's DSL expansion few years ago, and the only new service that may possibly be offered in your area in the future is U-verse (4G wireless can be the best option in some cases). You can sign up for the U-verse availability notification here. Do you know if any surrounding areas have U-verse?


Thank you,


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