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Monday, December 6th, 2021 9:43 PM

How long to fix a cable cut by an ATT Tech

On 12/2 we suddenly lost internet - been with AT&T UVerse for 6 years with no similar issue. Attempted troubleshooting and ATT SmartHomeManager said a tech dispatch was needed. 12/3 a Tech comes and told us that the line had been cut by another ATT Tech while trying to install other lines; and that he would put in an expedited ticket to repair our line.

Fast forward to today (12/6) and after receiving no update on resolve timeline, I called ATT Buried Cable, and they told me it might be 1/10 (35 days away!!!) before the issue was resolved. I told them that was unacceptable and spoke with a supervisor. After explaining that this was not a new install, and 5 weeks to resolve just didn't sound right, he promised to investigate. Called me back and told me the best he could do was to expedite the ticket (which I thought was already expedited), and now I would get a call from the 'local office' in 2 days to tell me what the estimated timeline for repair was. 

Does anyone know any other department of ATT I should be contacting to see how to move this faster? It appears to me that this is a classic case of different departments not talking to each other, and giving generic responses - I can't believe this isn't a 24 hour fix for fixing a cut line... 

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1 year ago

Buried cable has nothing to do with repairs. Call cs at 800-288-2020. At the voice prompts say internet, no service. Speak to a rep to get an appointment. If it’s your line to your house, should be a quick fix. If it’s a line servicing a large area, that may take some time. 

Do neighbors have no service or just you?

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1 year ago

If a request has been placed to have a new cable line buried, your waiting for a different work group. In most states, this is local contractors not ATT employees who perform the burial task. May require pulling local permit and contacting 811 to have other lines located before burial service performed.

Depending on the area, number of contractors used and the number of jobs ahead of you can determine estimated date.

The buried hotline center is the only group that works with contractors to have lines buried.

Your in what state?

In northern states such as Michigan and Wisconsin, once ground is frozen there is no burial till spring, meaning requests made in December, January will likely be waiting  till April before work is begun. 

For locations where the line can be laid on the ground, this is often the temporary solution however if any boring has to be done under a street, alley, driveway, sidewalk, etc a temp wire should not be placed… the entire job is waiting on burial. 

edit… there are some HOA that will not allow placement of temporary wiring due to maintenance crews cutting lines if laying on ground. In these cases a customer will damaged wiring will have no service until line buried, not requiring boring.


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1 year ago

Thanks @browndk26 I am checking if any neighbors impacted (doh on not doing it so far), but ATT keeps insisting it needs buried cable to fix. I did call UVerse Customer Support and they agreed to send out another tech tomorrow morning to do a 'second opinion' in the hope that it's just a localized repair.

Also thank you @my thoughts - we're in TX and have had continuous service for 6 years - so this is not a new install by any means. There are some houses being built in a new phase of the sub division, and the first tech who came told my wife that most likely our wire was cut while they were installing connections for the new set of homes. I haven't been able to get actual confirmation on what the cause of the issue actually is - but hopefully tomorrow morning I'll get some real answers on where the problem actually is.

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