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Thu, Nov 2, 2017 1:35 PM

HELP!!!!.....Internet unstable and drops intermittently throughout the day

We have had problems with our service (when we have it) ever since our city had a major change in an intersection close-by and around the same time the hurricane on Sept 11th. So far, we've had 4 line techs (one of which came back a second time), line burying crew twice, a service tech, and a line tech manager come to our home about our internet service. We've had our modem changed once from the nvg589 (which I loved) to the 5268ac (which I don't like) and are now being charged even more each month because of the change.

In the meantime, I've been trying to track the times and stats on when we have the issues. The only thing I can find is when our downstream power jumps from -51.2 to 18.7 we have MAJOR CRCs. After the last person came out, that night we ended up with 44920 CRCs at 3:40am!  We're having issues with it being okay once moment and then it's gone. I've unplugged, rebooted, chatted, called, and have gone through every hoop they've asked of me. I have explained this issue to every single employee of AT&T I have to speak with, which is a new one each time. Each and every time I do, I am promised they will get to the bottom of it and "expedite" our issue because as I've been told, they "Don't want it to go any further than them". If I could go to the Supervisor of the Southeast Region and let them know, I would. 

Don't get me wrong.  I've spoken with some wonderful people that have to put up with these issues each and every day from customers and they were awesome.  They can't help it that things do happen and are out of their control, but don't promise you'll take care of it or say you'll call back to check on the service if you don't!!!  I have waited for many phone calls and responses since this began.

So, my question is "What causes this spike in downstream power and what do I do to fix it?". We are at the point of dropping our service because we're paying for something that we can't use when we want and need to. If I can send anyone some of the stats I have from the Status and Diagnostics from the modem, please let me know. I have MANY of them from throughout this endeavor. 

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