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Thu, Jan 23, 2020 8:01 PM

Fixed Wireless Internet - Cannot get Usage Details

Within the website as well as the SmartHomeManager app, there is a section that is supposed to allow you to get usage details down to the device that is consuming the internet. When I called support, they said that this was a supported feature, is not working properly and they are working on it. That was a month ago. If ATT is going to charge overages for internet consumption, they need to provide usage details. Otherwise, they should not charge overages.

Note: In the SmartHomeManager app, the usage selection was visible and now is not. When I called support, they also confirmed that was part of the issue.

However, the website should still be able to provide usage details.


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a month ago

Happened to me too. Watch next month! They took end of one month and added it to the next month’s total. They have no idea how to offer any service anymore!! How far att has fallen!!