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Thu, Jan 16, 2020 1:46 PM

Fixed wireless consistently using Dallas as Server, I am in Michigan.

My Fixed wireless internet service is extremely unreliable and consistently drops connection altogether and very often i am getting less than 1 mbps which is of course almost useless for anything other than web surfing.


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4 weeks ago

Hi @mmurray2k7,


We are happy to help.


Explore tools and other ways to fix your home AT&T Internet connection. Find more Fixed Wireless Internet support.


Your computer should automatically choose a speed test server located in your nearest capital city, but if it doesn’t, you can run the test again and manually choose a server.


Many things can affect your internet speeds – including your devices themselves.


Disconnect all but one device from the network, and test your speeds to get the best results. You can do this individually by device to see each device’s capabilities. Keep in mind that older devices may not be able to achieve the same speeds as newer devices.

  • If only one device is impacted, it may be due to a technical or compatibility issue or limitation with that device. Contact the device manufacturer for support.
  • If all devices are impacted, it may be a router or antenna issue. Restart all devices, and reboot your router and antenna. Then, retest your speeds.

Hope this helps!


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