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Tue, Mar 3, 2015 6:35 PM

DSL Shut off before Uverse is available?

I'm at a loss for where to turn for answers. I've been in contact with several reps and associates and still cannot get a solid answer. We have hear conflicting reports that DSL will be shut off in our area in 2016. However some reps say that Uverse will be made available to us before the shut off occurs. Others have told us that our neighborhood is not servicable because we don't have the right kind of lines running to our homes.


It'd be nice to have a definitive answer before it is too late. A number of people in our community have begun listing their homes and moving to other communities. It's a nightmare.


Has anyone else been told that DSL is being cut and not been offered an alternative? Please tell me the alternative is not 4G, because that is going to be way too expensive for people who work from home.


Really need some advice on who I can contact to get clarity on this issue. Thanks.


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7 y ago


Hello @jerwebdev 


I'm very sorry for the conflicting information or missing information. Unfortunately, AT&T doesn't make announcements on U-verse availability in advance and that's the reason why no one has that information about your area. You can sign up for U-verse availability notification by clicking here. You can also send us a private message by clicking here and our team will be happy to check on the DSL service and answer any other questions you may have!


Thank you,





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7 y ago

One always has an alternative. It just might not be AT&T.


Still, good luck, and hope you find the best answer that fits your situation.

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