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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 3:06 PM

DSL rate increases multiple times with no improvement or justification, push to U-Verse?

I just came upon a rate increase notification that will be in effect on the next billing cycle.

No real explanation as to why it is going up other than bragging about how good a value it is and how reliable ATT is.


4 months ago we had a rate increase with no real explanation as to why it is going up other than bragging about how good a value it is and how reliable ATT is.


The year before there was a rate increase with no real explanation as to why it is going up other than bragging about how good a value it is and how reliable ATT is.


So in summary, in a little over a year I have seen 3 rate hikes on my 768K DSL.


I have had 2 major issues with my service and, and the only explanation for the rate hike is no explanation.


Calling in just results in pressure tactics to "upgrade" to a U-Verse account that will be cheaper than what I'm paying now... Until the promo expires, and then it will be a boatload more.


What is ATT's plan? The keep hiking the rates to force upgrade?

I would sooner drop ATT after 15 years to go to a competitor (even at a higher rate) than to deal with a dishonest company.


Come clean with your plans and offer real solutions or you will loose customers like myself.

You should be ashamed of yourself for charging such a high rate for a 768K connection!



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8 years ago

If you are living in an area that u-verse internet is available, I am suprised they have not disconnected your dsl already, seriously.

As a general rule, anytime att builds u-verse in an area already serviced by legacy dsl, they shut diown the dsl service. 

They will not MAKE you switch to u-verse, but they usually DO shut off the dsl.

They will not come right out and say it to their customers faces, but ATT would love it if ALL of their dsl customers canceled their service.

I will not say it is deliberatly horrible by design, but it would be fair to say, it is old, in need of an overhaul, and they are deliberatly letting it fall to pieces, as they plan to phase it out completely BY 2020, and sooner than that, if they can.

I know it is NOT what you are asking, I only provide the following for informational purposes...

You can call 1-800-288-2020, and ask for retentions. Not saying they will, BUT, they can give you promotions and discounts to help bring down the cost of your service.

One of those deals, no one gets it, unless you ask for it, and are under no obligation to tell anyone, those discounts and promotions are even available.

Seriously.. only 768k down? That.. is unfortunate. My condolences.



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8 years ago

Thanks for the reply Tigereyze209.

I am not an unreasonable person, and think it is ATT's right to charge whatever they want.

Just like 2G phone customers got bumped due to it being an obsolete technology leaving many with useless flip phones. Its a fact that the old copper lines will be made obsolete.

My objection is in the way the company keeps cranking the price so that when you call you are put through 3 layers of upsell. They have not contacted us about plans to discontinue DSL, they just keep cranking up the heat till we land in their other frying pan.

Communication goes a long way, and they choose not to use it.


I used to have a land line phone with them and they did the same, cranking up the rate until it got past $80 for 768K + Phone. I cancelled the phone and went with a competitors service for phone and saved over half.


If ATT wants to retain us as customers they better rethink their strategy.

The U-Verse solution involves hardware costs that were not a factor in DSL.

The post promo rates are not that great, and once you are on the hook they want you to add more and more services. Next thing you know you are dependent on them for all your communication and entertainment needs (alarms and home automation next?).


For those of us who just want to pay a fair price for a basic service,... Their offering does not work, and their rate hikes just make me uncomfortable with trusting them to maintain fair pricing no matter what service I get from them.



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8 years ago

I KNOW you were onbly being a bit sarcastic, talking about the home automation, but out of curiosty, have you ever heard of the att service, Digital Life? If not, care to guess what they do?

I agree, it is not right, BUT, and it is written into their job descriptions, and get in trouble for NOT doing it, but it is a requirment that on any customer service call, they MUST make minimum of three upsell attempts. (Seriously, their supervisors even listen to the tapes of the calls, not for good customer service, as would be expected, but did the csr make the required sales pitches.)


I tell ya, this business with u-verse in dsl areas at times, seems a hit and miss thing. Understand, the norm IS for the dsl to be shut down in new u-verse markets, but there are also cases where folks seem to be able to hold on to their dsl serviuce for years after the transition.

(A little secret no sales operator will tell you.. the new equipmernt is backwards compatable to the old dsl protocols, and can (and in rare cases, do) handle legacy dsl just fine, thank you very much. They prefer selling the new services over the old, and to be fair, they usually ARE much faster and with fiber to the node, are oftem more reliable, too.


I am a fellow dsl customer, and since that is all i've ever had, I am really not familliar with u-verse except for what others have posted about it.

I sduspect it is more similar in how they opperate, than actual differance, but again, that is only my speculation, not accurate personal knowledge.


Okay, enough of my ramblings.  Thanks for the reply and feedback.

Here is a serious alternat sugestion to dealing with regular customer service:  send a private message message to the att customer care team, and ask them to help you out with getting your overall bill reduced. (they cover all parts of att.)

Pick one of their care team links (any will work) and send a message with your name, account, phone, contact email, best time to connect with you, and a message with your needs. Give them a couple days or so to get back with you, and I hope they can help.


U-verse problems, ATTU-verseCare.
Billing/other problems ATTCustomerCare
Please mark replies as solutions if it fixed your problem. This helps other members find answers quickly.


Good luck

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