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Tue, May 2, 2017 1:38 AM

Dsl Constant outage 3 + months

I've been having problems with ATT since January. I have DSL and have had it for several years. At one point in January the internet slowly petered off to next to nothing. February I lost internet completely, with 5 minute spurts of actual connectivity. I had ATT send out some techs to do repair. First one is a no show... Second one is a no show...Third one shows up but half his gear has no power and he gives us a new modem and tells us he can't do anything more because he's an inside tech and its an outside techs problem. 

Fine new modem obviously doesn't fix the issue, drop internet down to internet 6 to see if that helps. It doesn't.

March comes around I manage to get an outside tech to come, he lays brand new Cat5/6 line from my wall down to the att box, new inside box as well. Internet works for a week. He tells me that if it continues to go down that it has to do with ATT backend facility at that point.

Internet is back to going down every five minutes and up for 30seconds to 3 minutes.

Call another repair tech, tells me his going to go check the facitilies in a couple of hours and will call back. He never calls back.


Call ATT and they are sending another tech to the house to check the brand new modem, and the brand new cat6 line and hte brand new box before they will go check the facilities.....


This is baffling... any help on getting internet and phone back would be great.



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5 y ago

It doesn't sound like an outside guy ever came. They don't usual ever run lines nor work on the house, just from the pole and back. If its true that cat 5 is ran from your telephone box on the side of your house to the modem, then next time a technician comes, demand for a helper ticket ( I AND R Ticket ) to check the outside facilities.  But of course this hurts the technicians metric numbers which upper managements are sticklers about if a certain metric don't meet standards. If he gives you another modem, tell him he's fired. GL



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4 y ago

same stuff happening here in sc, time to sue these guys or something

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