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Thu, Jul 16, 2015 5:33 PM

Doubled Bonded DSL Availability

Who do I contact to find out if Double Bonded DSL is available at my location?  When I call customer service I've gotten two different, less-than-qualified people on the phone.  My zip code is 48134 but I live on the ouskirts and have been having lots of issues.  I get about 2-3 mb down and about .5 up with the current ATT DSL setup.




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7 y ago

I have to ask, as I'm not familiar with what you are asking about:


By bonded dsl do you perhaps mean bonded pair for u-verse?


(Although it is not typically called that, u-verse is technically DSL, just a differant kind than the legacy adsl they are qhasing out.)


if it's the bonded dsl on the legacy system, pretty sure this is not, and never has been available.


The u-verse version, is available in the areas they serve. and if you still have the legacy dsl, then you are not able to get it until and unless u-verse comes into your service area.


My two cents worth and my own opinion. another customer, don't speak for att. Just based on other posts Ive read.

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