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Saturday, September 27th, 2014 11:38 AM

Difficulty getting ADSL service - still connected to DSLAM but customer svc says no ports available

I've been attempting to get my ADSL service re-connected at this location for two years now.

I previously had service in this home for eight years - then had to cancel for several months.

After trying to set my service up again, I was told that DSL is not available due to the DSLAM not having any open ports, and to try for Uverse service.

Uverse isn't going to arrive here any time soon, or I would be glad to use it.

 I've had to spend $100-$200 monthly on cellular data through Verizon, rather than a reasonable price to AT&T for a digital line.


First of all, and most importantly I am STILL CONNECTED TO THE DSLAM. I was never disconnected from the multiplexer.  I do not need an open port, because I am already occupying one. My line was never physically disconnected. My modem still displays a solid "DSL" light.


Is there anyone working for AT&T who both knows how their systems work, and can actually do something to correct an error?  Customer service can only follow a script, and of course elevate the issue to someone else who also has no idea what's going on - while the technicians can only determine that, in fact, I am still connected but can do nothing to help me regain internet access.


I mean, AT&T has already missed out on two years worth of payments (from me), the DSLAM port is being occupied by a customer (me) that isn't even making any payments - what gives?




My guess is that unless I am the victim of an outright lie, the DSLAM port is (correctly) listed as occupied - and my telephone line is (incorrectly) NOT listed as being connected.  When I canceled my service, they forgot to physically disconnect my line.


Anyone else dealt with this issue before? Any advice?




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10 years ago

Wait, you have DSL service light on on your modem and no connection? That's odd. if you try and connect to yahoo.com do you get redirected to att billing? that's a sure sign i have found that service is there but not active. usually they disconnect the line physically and you get a blinking/off/red  SYNC/DSL light.


you sound like you need escalation to a higher tier or have a line engineer look into it. 



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10 years ago

Yes, I do have a DSL connection. The modem is an older model, and is set up for a username/password PPPoE connection.


I was originally using a bridged ethernet connection, and have since reset the router with the login information.



Not long ago, I had a line engineer at my home in order to fix an issue with my AT&T home telephone - and he told me that I was still physically connected to the multiplexer and that regaining service should be no more complex than asking for it. His recommendation was to contact customer service - who consistently tells me that no DSLAM ports are available. The customer service reps tell me that they have escalated the issue, but nothing has come of it.


Here is a screen shot of the connection status as reported by my modem:



And of course I have no ATM or internet connection because of a lack of login credentials.

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10 years ago


Hello @jselectronics Welcome to the forums!


I'm very sorry you're having some issues with service availability. Our team will be happy to help you with whatever we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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