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Saturday, October 14th, 2017 10:42 PM

Credit Check for Internet

I have been an AT&T customer for so long I actually began as a BellSouth customer. I've had a plethora of issues with customer services and sales since the company switched its name. I will not bore you with all the verbal trickery and false promises here today. I have decided to end my relationship with this company due to one thing. Lack of appreciation and consideration for a two decade long loyal customer when she (I) experienced financial difficulty for 3 months. I neglected to pay my internet and cable ( fringe benefits in my life) due to experiencing severe financial duress. I called and paid both these bills in full today. I was then told by the Uverse customer service that to resume my service of over 15 years (some dsl , some uverse) that I would have to undergo a credit check.  Even xfinity would not put a customer through this who has had active service in the last 6 months. My service with ATT was canceled yesterday October 13th and not one customer service representative would consider a.) that I had no outstanding balance as I paid the entire balance  or  b.) I've been a paying customer for over 15 years of multiple att services. 


So my loyalty to the company means nothing. My longevity with the company means nothing. 


Furthermore, I even asked if I could forego the check and pay 100 bucks in advance and was told I could not do that. Upon researching it seems I should have been able to exercise this option. 



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6 years ago

They can't bypass it. It's not the customer service that's refusing to skip the credit check, it's their computer system. 

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