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Sunday, July 19th, 2020 4:52 PM

Complaint about deceptive practices



I've been misled about your services and your pricing by several of your employees. Here's the history- door to door sales person came to my house selling AT&T internet and AT&T TV. I inquired on the following items which I'll lay out in terms of what I asked versus what happened:

  • What I asked: Was the AT&T TV compatible with Tivo- meaning can we use the Tivo to record.
    • Was I was told: Yes it is fully compatible. 
    • What the reality is: No, the Tivo is not compatible. There is an app we can download, but it does not permit the recording of show onto the Tivo device. I only asked about the Tivo because my partner loves his Tivos. I then called to cancel the TV service a few days later, but then was charged 3 weeks later  (~$130.00) for a service that was never installed, never set up, and that I cancelled. I had to call in yet again to get the unauthorized charged refunded. 
    • What this means: AT&T's sales reps are either poorly trained, or willfully lying to customers to get them to sign up. This is an unfair, deceptive, and abusive act or practice (UDAAP)- which is a serious problem. AT&T made an unauthorized charge on my credit care- despite my cancellation. Who the (Edited per community guidelines) do you people think you are?! 
  • What I asked : Total pricing inclusive of all fees and installation. 
    • What I was told: The installation fee of $99 would be waived as part of the door to door sales promotion. The total bill would be just $59.99, inclusive of all taxes and fees. (NOTE: I asked this question 5 times to get assurance that my total bill would be $59.99. 
    • What this reality is: I was charged $99 for installation despite being told the installation fee waiver was a promotion and would NOT BE CHARGED. I was charged more than $59.99- all taxes and fees  (~$8 total per month)- which I specifically asked about. Yet again, I was misled, either through incompetence, deception, or outright lying in order get people to sign up. I called into AT&T and it took an hour to get some service done to partially rectify this. They waived my installation fee and I cancelled service; however, I was unable to cancel service immediately- which means I'm stuck with them for a full month. I do not want your service, and I do not want your equipment. To make it even worse, the installation fee is being refunded via a prepaid gift card instead of to my credit card. Somehow you can charge my card, but you cannot reverse those charges. 
    • What this means: The sales reps are either poorly trained or engaging in deceptive business practices to sign people up. This is a terrible practice for AT&T's brand and reputation. 
  • Other things you should know about:
    • The sales reps came on Tuesday in June and stated service would be installed that Friday (3 days later). AT&T went completely radio silent for 3 weeks and then showed up out of nowhere.....3 weeks later! What the heck is going on at your company?!
    • AT&T then sent out a contactor to bury the line- they said it would be about 3 weeks. Turns out, they showed up about 3 days later. While not a problem per se, they did decide to dig without notifying the local utilities and city government they were going to dig. I ended up talking with a rep from the city government stating they've had 141 lines buried without getting the water/gas/phone/electricity lines marked before digging. Again- you just seem to think AT&T can do whatever they (Edited per community guidelines) well please. 
    • The internet service is spotty- it drops off about 4 times a day. It also is nowhere near the speed of 1,000MB (1GB) a second as advertised. You cannot blame my equipment since you require us to use YOUR modem/router. What's the point of 1GB if your equipment cannot support it?! 

I've got wireless with you guys too and after this, I think I'm just done with your company. I really don't know if you are purposely deceptive or just grossly incompetent. Either way- I'm done with you guys. As a bit of insight, I work as a Director of Internal Audit- this type of service/incompetence/deception can result in hefty fines and potential litigation. You guys should really work on cleaning up your practices. 



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4 years ago

Those are 3rd party sales. Same as the people in the kiosks at Walmart Costco etc. At&t tried to weed out the shady 3rd party sales when they can but what’s posted online is what is honored regardless if a 3rd party lies 

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