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Saturday, November 12th, 2022 5:16 AM

Community based subscription but still getting billed directly by ATT

Hi -
I have a community based subscription and I'm paying my condo directly on a monthly basis.
Though, I'm still getting charged $10 a month directly by AT&T. After chatting and calling a rep, I was told to do not worry about the AT&T bill. They both mentioned the bill was system generated, they couldn't do anything about it and I should just ignore it.
I'm obviously not a fan of getting a bill on a monthly basis that I shouldn't be receiving and that I'm not paying.

Is this common or should I insist to get it resolved?


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1 year ago

Rule #1 when dealing with AT&T front line reps ---- Never believe anything they tell you.

Rule #2 when dealing with AT&T front line reps ---- See Rule #1.

AT&T's billing system su, err, leaves a lot to be desired so while it sounds like a mistake, if they're sending you a bill some part of AT&T is likely expecting a payment.

The problem is getting to the right person at AT&T.  Trying to avoid the front line people maybe I'd try going through Loyalty/Retentions.  Those people are usually pretty reliable and able to get stuff done.  Easiest way to get to them is to call 800-288-2020 and when asked for the purpose of your call, say Cancel Service.  That should put you to that Dept who hopefully can get to the bottom of it.

Anyone else got an idea where to send @Floasis to get reliable information and a resolution?

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1 year ago

What does the bill list the charge is for?

If the community includes a certain level of service and your order exceeds that level you would be responsible...

Example might be higher internet speed tier, for fiber the difference between 300 and 500 is $10. Or if includes tv service an extra receiver would be $10. Or possible gateway equipment fee on older accounts (community account is an older plan) is $10 per month.

Without knowing what is included comparing to your actual service I am more likely to suspect the charge is valid.

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