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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 8:07 PM

Censored for providing honest feedback

The following is the review I submitted in response to their email titled “your opinion is important to us” asking for my feedback on my experience with fiber. It apparently does not meet AT&T “guidelines” so they won’t publish it. Love companies that censor free speech and the truth instead of trying to resolve an actual problem…

”They spent months putting fiber in our neighborhood and recently I saw neighbors having fiber installed. Looked online and saw it was not available at my house. Called to ask why and was told they would talk to the engineers to confirm it was available to me. Then received an excessive number of messages and phone calls telling me I could sign up. Take the day off work, technician comes and can’t set up fiber for me. Shows me on his map that AT&T decided to not put in the underground infrastructure for 10% of the development I live in (neighbors 2 doors down and directly across the street can have fiber). Then a sales person calls me to try and sell me 512 kbps internet… I contacted customer support to see if anyone could notify AT&T that they didn’t complete the install and they told me that was impossible. I closed my account and will not recommend AT&T to anyone.“

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2 months ago

Where did you submit your post?  Not on these forums since this is your first post and (apparently) all the context is there.

ETA:  The comments in your reply post are TAME compared to some that have been posted on these forums.  😵‍💫


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2 months ago

This sounds fishy to me.  Att would never dispatch a technician for install unless all the ordering and provisioning systems were primed.  

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2 months ago

I’m not sure where the first post went to; it was in response to an email survey I received. This was the message in the email:

“Thank you for choosing AT&T Fiber! We'd love to get your feedback to share with other customers on
If you need help or want to contact customer service, please call 844.790.1858 or visit us at You can also go the Support Forums for additional support.”

To reply to the other person… first of all what do I have to gain by posting this?? I have tried contacting customer support multiple times with no resolution. The longer story is that we had a lot of ads placed on our doors and salespeople walking through the development where I live trying to sell us fiber. I went online to order and was unable to do so because the website said it was unavailable at my address. Meanwhile my neighbors a few doors down and across the street had it installed. So I called and the person I talked to said they’d have to check with engineering because of a glitch in their system. The next day I started getting multiple phone calls telling me that they had confirmed it was available at my address and I could order at any time. Tech came out and showed me that it was not available for me and a very small fraction of the development in which I live. No AT&T employee I have talked to has given me any type of answer about why this is the case so I decided to post here.

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