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Tue, Dec 4, 2018 7:35 AM

can’t connect ps4 to wifi

just got a ps4 and i actually can connect to wifi but only for a couple minutes. it’s very frustrating because i’m trynig to install a game . i’ve logged into the website on my att router and tried to fix the problem also tried entering the dns manually which worked for a minute. now the current problem is it says i have no nat type and it’s saying i’m connected to the internet but can’t connect to Playstation network 


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2 years ago

Happy Holidays @jarren1998


We can help you with NAT/Gaming Support.  Here some steps that should help you get this cleared up.


For the PACE/2Wire Routers

  1. In the Address bar, enter to enter the gateway.
  2. On the homepage, under Key Things to do using your Gateway, select Customize Firewall.
  3. The customer can select the name or enter the PCs IP address and select Choose > Allow individual applications.
  4. They have two options:
    1. Browse through the predefined list of the most common applications. 
      • For example, if they select Servers, the most common servers are available to select, and then click Add > Save.
    2. If they do not find the application in the residential gateway (RG):
      1. Select User Defined > Add a new user-defined application
      2. Populate the Firewall Application Profile Definition and select Add to list.
  5. Select the item from the list, followed by Add > Save.

For the Arris Routers


  • Open an Internet browser.
  • In the address bar, type
  • On the blue navigational bar, click Firewall > NAT/Gaming.
  • Browse through the predefined list under the Service drop-down to determine if the necessary information is already available. 
    • If you find a match, select the desired application.
    • If you do not find matches:
      1. Towards the bottom of the screen, select Custom Services to add a custom entry.
      2. Populate the required entries, including service name and port number(s).
      3. Click Add > Return to NAT/Gaming
      4. Select the custom entry just created.
  • Select the device that needs the particular port unlocked in the Needed by Device drop-down. The customer may be asked to enter the modem device access code. 
    • This field is populated by a DHCP acknowledgement request made to the device that is trying to be recognized. The DHCP request from the client has to be made to the RG, accepted, assigned and acknowledged, and then it populates in the graphical user interface (GUI) after a brief delay. If it is missing in the Needed by Device field it is also not present in other locations in the GUI such as Device & Status.


If you need further help with NAT/Gaming support beyond the steps that we have given you, you will need to contact out ConnecTech Support.  They can assist with all 3rd party devices such as XBOX and Playstation. Our ConnecTech Support is a fee based support team, which handles anything outside the normal realm of technical support.  You can contact them by dialing: 866.294.3464.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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