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Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 11:47 AM

BOGO Issue iPhone 7 Plus - Charging Customer for Additional Line without Approval

This issue is related to another issue that I logged:

I am appalled that AT&T would allow these types of practices - it is very "Wells Fargoish" of them to allow this.


Note:  I have been an AT&T customer probably since 2006, so I have been a loyal customer.  

Note:  I do see there are several emails related to this BOGO issue, AT&T should take note because this could be a Wells Fargo in the making.


1. AT&T indicated that if I move over my DirectTV billing over to AT&T Wireless bill that I can take advantage of the BOGO,  plus I was due for an upgrade.  So in combination of the DTV and upgrade, I can benefit from the BOG (for up to $650).

2. I  AGREED to the above terms.

3. I asked her to go over the charges and credits.  She indicated that I would have to pay an additional $7 on the BOGO devide bc I went over the $650.  I was fine with that and agreed to that.

4. Fast forward 2 months later - The issue with DTV occurs (see link above).  The $295 that I thought included DTV was actually just for my wireless bill.

5. I check my wireless bill and it indicated that I had another PHONE LINE associated with my wireless.

6. I call AT&T and they say OH, well, that is the BOGO offer.  I said review the tapes, I DID NOT AGREE TO HAVE ANOTHER LINE.  I would have not taken this BOGO offer had I had to have another line because I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER LINE.  I told them that as per the tape, the Customer Service person indicated that the BOGO is related to the DTV combined billing with AT&T Wireless Bill (which they screwed up as well).  Oh, re: those taped calls, she said, we MAY record your all.  I said, well, if you are having so many BOGO issues, you need to tape the sale because that is where the evidence is.   

7.  I spend up to 4 hours on the phone with various customer service representatives.  

8.  By this time this issue has been escalated.  I get a call from the escalation team and they basically said, "we can't do anything for you."  your option is to cancel the line and you will pay full price for the $800 BOGO phone" or "return both phones."  She said, "you received an email indicating that there is a new line, and that I had provided an electronic approval for this extra line"

9.  I told them, my daughter needs her phone for camp, so I can't return the phones now.  They said return them after.

10.  I told them,  I will do that and will cancel my service with AT&T and move over to another carrier.  I would rather pay full price for both phones with another carrier where the carrier is upfront and honest about their charges.

11. I go through all of my emails and NOT ONE indicated that I ordered an extra line.  I call AT&T again (probably 5th call to them) and I asked that they email me this email that they indicate I was ordering a new line.  They transfer me yet to another person in sales and that sales person said that that is NOT their practice that I have to agree to their terms and condition.  I said, show me the tape and email where I agreed to this BOGO offer.



Summary:  AT&T Sales and/or Customer Service are adding lines to customer accounts without their approval.  They use the BOGO as a carrot, but are not upfront about the terms and conditions at the time of the sale.   This is unethical and illegal.  I asked that they pull the tapes for what was presented to me as the offer and what I agreed to.  Basically, show me the evidence.  


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