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Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 9:07 AM

AutoPay isn't ready

My issue is with one of my three accounts that are linked. Unfortunately, I live in an area that ATT is still holding hostage the customers that have no other provider competition other than satellite. I have wireless, internet and TV (DTV) accounts that are linked and use the same payment method via a stored Visa credit card. Recently one accounts (wireless) somehow dropped Autopay while the other two remained active and paid my monthly bills on time. I travel internationally frequently and did not notice the wireless account was past due and received late charges since the bill went unpaid for some time. Once again ATT has claimed the issue was mine somehow and refuses to issue a refund or offer resolution. ATT customer service has provided no help in resolving the issue stating "wait for ~6 weeks" and the issue will resolve itself. I have been paying the bill manually and more than 3 months have gone by with the wireless Autopay issue remaining. I have attempted numerous times to resolve the issue with ATT customer service and normally have to wait and explain in excessive painful detail what the issue is...this is with a less than English fluent foreign call center representative. 

So my question is "has anyone had a similar issue that was resolved and what did you do to resolve it?".

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2 years ago

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, @Falconraptor13.



We recommend reaching out to our support team at 1-800-288-2020 for further assistance with your autopay. Feel free to reach back out to us with any other questions or concerns. 


Thank you for contacting the AT&T Community Forums Team


Elmi, AT&T Community Specialist.

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3 months ago

I have experienced the same issue, almost exactly the same issue! There are no other options for service at my location. 


I had auto pay also. I had no trouble and my bill was paid for almost three years.


My auto pay also randomly dropped in August 2023. I also did not know this had happened and I was also charged late fees.


I also spent a ridiculous amount of time with customer service. I called during my work day with the intention of resolving this issue promptly. I chose to wait the estimated 14 minute wait time and not get a call back at a prescheduled time. That 14 minute wait time got to be 45 minutes on hold before I hung up in disgust.


I called back another day and scheduled a call back for the next business day. No, I didn't opt to do this for the sake of convenience. There was no availability to speak to a human the same day. 


I received my call back and after much frustration about the PIN requested for security purposes that I had never used, I got to a supervisor. 


I had much difficulty understanding the supervisor and politely asked him to repeat himself several times. 


This supervisor told me that I had made a change to my account and that I would be responsible for late fees. 


I argued with him because of course I had not made a change to my account. The supervisor provided the date of the change to my account. I requested some proof that I had made any such change.


The supervisor also said auto pay was active on my account but could not explain why my bill was no longer being paid automatically. 


One piece of bad information followed by another... 


Eventually the supervisor reversed the late fees on the account. The supervisor told me he'd research the change to my account and that he'd call me later in the day with more information about the change I had made. 


You guessed it. I never got a call about the mystery change to my account. 


And it has been two billing cycles since this ridiculousness. AT&T states "auto pay not ready".





I would appreciate some credible information but would ask that no "expert" nor AT&T employee respond and write that I should call customer service about my auto pay. I already gave up more than two hours and learned nothing about my situation. I never want to call AT&T again. 

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