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Wed, Mar 25, 2020 12:46 PM


My internet service has been out since March 14th, and the first appt was scheduled for Monday March 16th. Technician was a no show and I recieved no communication from AT&T. I called they said the appointment was canceled. When I asked for more information about why or whom canceled it they had NONE. So the representative rescheduled it for Tuesday and this time I did receive a text message stating the tech would arrive before 9pm. Text Fixed or Keep. I texted Keep. The last text from AT&T was 8:05 am Tuesday March 17th regarding status about my appointment. Again no technician, nor communication from AT&T.

I called again and asked to speak to a manger and now it is reported as an outage, which if this is correct they are dropping the ball on numbers of customers and these individuals including myself are still without NO SERVICE.

So now AT&T has a man call me everyday to update me about the outage and everyday he only provides information that the estimated time to have services restored is the following day. As of today the estimated time is March 30th which 16 days from the original call I made to them.

Because of where we live AT&T is the only ISP in my area and they can pretty much do what the want and provide horrific customer service because there is no competition.

I would suggest to all to avoid business with them, and hopefully soon we can read in the near future they are going bankrupt and stores are closing due to their disreputable company.

In light of the world’s current operations during the COVID-19 spread, I would expect they would do more to make sure numbers are not without service. Wouldn’t that demonstrate commendable integrity? However, their poor business practices are a common habit, and what is sad is I had another situation happen with them over a year ago where our services were out due to an outage (none of these outages were related to weather) and if took them weeks to restore services. I had to call billing for another two weeks so they could credit my bills for services I did not use. Yes, they still are generating a bill even though there are no services, and the gentleman that calls everyday to tell me that services will be fixed the next day has yet to say anything about pausing my billing until they are restored. I guess that would require some proactiveness on AT&T part and they are not even mediocre, they are just insufficient which is why I have no service.


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