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Saturday, September 16th, 2023 1:59 AM

AT&T, DirecTV, and Target bundle scam

They tried to scam me today. "AT&T" sent me a text message ,last day to get 50% off DirecTV". Called DirecTV (I thought) and the person that answered offered me $140 a month fixed for 2 years and two free movie channels to boot. I had to pay 3 months in advance, $420 via a Target credit card or Target gift card. This is a target DirecTV AT&T promotion supposedly. This is the part I don't understand. The person I talked to zeroed out my balance showing in my AT&T account. I logged in my ATT app and it showed a balance , logged out as instructed waited a minute , he told me to log back in and sure enough, the balance was Zero. I didn't give him access to this, didn't give him my password , my login ID, he wasn't shadowing my screen, nothing! How did he do this? How about it JEFFERMC, can you explain this? he also gave me MGM Plus for free with this supposed promotion. He added MGM+ as I talked to him. The MGM channels went from unavailable to available while I was talking to this guy . This guy must work for DirecTV. He had access to my billing information and had access to add programming to my TV channel lineup. He had this access! He screwed up though when he wanted me to pay with the Target gift card and told me not to tell the card seller it was a for a third party because they might charge me extra. Just tell him it's a gift for your cousin or something. Almost fell for it since they had access to my account and TV channels.  I told him I'd get the card for him later and after he hung up up I received a confirmation text welcoming me to the new program but it wasn't from "ATT" this time, it was from luckily I didn't fall for it and did not give them a dime. BEWARE! FYI the entire conversation was recorded and screenshots of the text messages were taken and offered to DirecTV fraud Department. Tell you the truth I'm not sure they even have one. After a runaround, I was given an email address and I sent them the information. Hopefully they'll do something about it.

Again, how about it JEFFERMC?  Can you explain how the scammer had access to my billing information and was able to change my channels while talking to him? Remember, I gave him no information whatsoever other than my name. I tried to reply to you but evidently you or somebody closed that old thread. Oh yea, I called the real DirecTV phone number and verified it was all a scam . I asked about the MGM Plus that was added to my lineup and her records show that I had called in and requested it to be added (at $5 something a month). I explained to her the situation and she removed it but also questioned how a scammer could have changed it. I told her look and see who the employee was that changed it, that's probably the scammer. Thanks


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So many commas used instead of periods. 🙄

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