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Sunday, February 4th, 2024 12:44 AM

ATT are borderline criminals. Locked into another 1 year contract to fix an issue that they haven't fixed. Also charged false tech fees.

I'm on a 50MBP/s plan with ATT (Sadly the best available in my area despite my literal neighbors having fiber)

So back in mid november I started having crippling packet loss issues out of nowhere with seemingly no rhyme or reason, it just started happening. The only noteworthy thing that had happened prior was a 1 second power outage in the middle of the night.

The packet loss issues have been so severe it affects everything I do on the internet. Simple youtube videos will buffer sometimes, gaming is sometimes impossible due to rubberbanding, and most importantly my work from home has been severely effected and has gotten me in trouble.(something I stated to ATT on the MANY times I've tried to get them to fix my issue.

Seeking a resolution for this has been an absolute circus and has had me on the phone with ATT for LITERALLY dozens of hours and has had 6 different techs come to my house, say "they see the issue, I can't believe the last tech didn't see the problem." and "fix" it.

The first tech came to the appointment 30 minutes early, a surprise, but a welcome one. He hooked up a computer to my internet, did a speed test, hooked up his phone to my wifi, did an Ookla speed test, thumbs upped me and said "You're good!! Download speeds looking great! Have a good day!" when I told him download speeds weren't my issue, and it was huge amounts of packet loss. His response was basically to shrug "Don't know what to tell ya." <---verbatim quote and left. He spent 5 minutes at my home and it suddenly made sense to me why he came 30 minutes early.

Tech #2 shows up, VERY LATE, my window was between 10AM and 12, he shows up at 8PM. This one seems a lot more professional and nice, he goes outside for 30 minutes examining cables and tells me he knows the problem. He told me ATT had me on a "single line" which wasn't rated for the distance I am from the crossbox, and that I should be on a "dual bonded paired line" (I might have the term wrong, it's been a couple months) so basically ATT had me on sub-par and equipment not rated for what I was doing for my entire 4 years of service. Great!

So he tells me the solution: he has to downgrade me to a 25MBP/s plan then I need to call ATT and reupgrade myself to a 50MBP/s plan and request the dual paired line because he can't change it unless I make an "install order" and book an "install tech". I tell him alright, if that'll fix my issue let's do it. I call ATT, get the ball rolling. They tell me to upgrade my service to the service I already had, I have to lock myself into another 12 months. (Just a reminder: THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THIS PROBLEM REPAIRED. LOCK MYSELF INTO ANOTHER YEAR JUST TO RE-UPGRADE MY SERVICE.) and of course tech #2 didn't tell me this would lock me in, but he'd already downgraded me so I had to agree.

Tech #3 gets here, looks at his phone shocked "Oh man I'm not an install tech I'm a repair tech ATT must have misfiled your request you need an install tech out here I don't have the tools for your repair." but to give this guy some credit, he really spent a lot of time at my house doing what he could and he confirmed there was some weird issue somewhere, he just couldn't identify what, so he helped me make the right ticket and also put in the notes for the install tech to check the lines for any damage. He also tells me he's not surprised tech #1 was so unprofessional, he explained to me they were "overtimers" from Alabama that were sent down to FL to help with stuff, but his boss was so unhappy with them he sent them back to Alabama.

Tech #4 gets here later that same day. He digs a big hole slightly outside of my property line, tells me there's damage somewhere according to his readings and that he's going to install the dual paired line but he needs a contractor to come out and fix my problems so it won't be done until next week. Next week comes, he knocks on my door thumbs ups me and says "repair done, you're good!" of course, I'm still having the same issue.

Tech #5 comes, this one I don't meet. I had talked to ATT on the phone and they sent me to their escalated tech support line. This guy was really knowledgeable and for the first time I was speaking to someone who could speak english fluently and he was very professional and was troubleshooting on the phone with me for an hour. Ultimately he says it must be an issue with the crossbox and they should switch me out to another port, and that's obviously the issue. He sets me up with an appointment with a "manager" who can monitor the crossbox himself for an hour after the install to make sure all my issues are fixed. Tech #5 comes, calls me and says I should be good....and I am!!...for a day. After a day my issue starts back up (albeit less severely, it's alot better than it was but still getting bad packet loss spikes), and not only that, but my latency has increased by 30MS on everything I do. Somehow they added a new problem.

Tech #6 arrived just recently, he knocked on my door, told me "Oh I see your issue this is an obvious fix!" tells me he's going to go to the crossbox and call me. He calls me, tells me my issue is fixed, and it doesn't even look like they *ever* moved my ports because it looked like I had been plugged into that port for a long time. (So ATT lied about switching my ports??) I tell him that I'm still having the same issue and I'm seeing on my programs that my latency is still bad (just a trace route from windows) and I'm still experiencing high levels of packet loss. He's incredulous and is asking how I'm...hacking into their equipment to get this info..? Because he can only access that info with his "special tools"? He starts talking in a way like he's accusing me of breaking into their system, when I tell him I'm just doing a trace route on my PC he tells me "Well we don't guarantee 3rd party proprietary equipment" furthermore he reveals that the notation that the support lady I talked to on the phone listed my issue as a "download speed issue" and not a latency/packet loss issue. Love it! And even better yet, my packet loss issue is now back to as bad as it was before, along with my new high latency issues.

The cherry on top to all of this is, I was offered a 3 week credit on my service by ATT (Which I did not ask for, but obviously accepted.) but to my surprise my bill was HIGHER, almost double what it was that next month. The credit not being applied AND despite being told it would be free, all these tech visits would be FREE, tech #4 wonderfully notated that my line got damaged by a plant that was on my property. (despite them not digging on my property) so that apparently gave ATT and avenue to tack on a $80 tech fee that I challenged.

Ultimately they sent me to loyalty and they said "we'll meet you halfway on the tech fee, apply that 3 week credit, and reduce your bill by half of what it is." I of course accepted as I'm locked into the contract no matter what. And of course, I got my bill just a few days ago and for some reason my bill is once again far higher than normal, since I"m down right now with the flu I haven't called to inquire about it but I can only guess tech #6 found some sort of "issue" on my property line and thus I got charged by ATT again.

I'm so sick of this. ATT has cost me so much money both directly with tech feesm me still needing to pay for non-functional service, and indirectly with lost work opportunities. And they even managed to lock me into another year with them, in which I'm basically paying for non-functional service. I'm just really out of my mind and I want some sort of resolution to this as I need my internet for my job.

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3 months ago

I just wanted to update this for anyone else who's having to battle these people for service that they're paying for, this is also the email I sent to my FCC representative:

- I was contacted by ATT on Friday 2/9/24 to confirm I was having issues and to let me know tech support will be in contact with me soon.

- I was contacted Sunday evening 2/11/24 by someone offering to dispatch a technician. The person I spoke to told me it could be an issue with the card I was on in the crossbox. I scheduled a tech to come out today, 2/12/24 between 8 and 12.

- The tech arrived today, 2/12/24 at around 10am, he asked me what my issue was. I told him I was experiencing intermittent high levels of packet loss between the modem and the local crossbox, the ATT tech asked me what packet loss was despite it being a term an internet company's technician should know and very basic terminology, I explained it to him. He told me it was because my PC was too far from the modem, I told him that even if I bring it out and plug it into the modem, and any device plugged directly into the modem experiences these issues still has packet loss.

He told me he can go outside and plug his meter in but that's all he could do, he told me he saw no issues, I told him the problems were intermittent so he might not be able to see the issues now but the happen frequently. He told me there was nothing he could do. He spent less than 15 minutes at my home. He would constantly cut me off as I was calmly explaining the issue to him and seemed very rude.

I'm still having the issue as of 2/12/24. I just want my issue fixed.

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3 months ago

The ATT Uverse tech is in essence a low voltage tech installing and repair of copper and fiber wiring, they are not the Geek Squad. Their concern is for the gateway not your equipment behind the gateway and receive no training on CPE.

For VDSL platform FTTN the fiber at the VRAD goes into a card (F, K or N) which has 48 ports. Bonded pair service requires two ports on the same card. The copper wiring from the cross box jumpers to your serving terminal connections to copper drop to protectors at the NID. 

The tech connected a meter and ran both line test to the VRAD and sync tests to the Central Office. Nothing was found, if have a flaky port or card the tech could have performed port swap(s) providing (2) spares were available on same or different card. Sometimes they are not, example 4 cards is 192 total connections and if all accounts are bonded that is enough for total of 96 customers.

Please post the stats page from with user rate, max rate, errors, etc.

Also when issue occurs do you run the Smart Home manager app to the gateway for speeds and ping?

While I personally believe at this point the problem is beyond the first hop which is not at the local box (no ip address) but the ATT server which could be 100 miles away.

Did the tech swap the port(s) if yes would have been without service for about 15 minutes...?

EDIT... if tech closed the repair ticket requires all company testing to pass and is uploaded with the closed ticket. If ticket not closed would require creation of a helper ticket for outside line tech if a problem with outside lines were found.


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3 months ago

Hello everyone I just wanted to update this thread once again for anyone in the future who comes here having problems.

On 2/15/2024 I was contacted by a rep of ATT asking if my problem was resolved. I told him no, and he offered to dispatch yet another tech out on 2/16/2024. I was contacted in the morning by a higher up named Jerry who works locally. He asked what he wanted me to do as on their end everything is reading green. I explained the problem to him and he told me the gameplan.

He and another tech were coming out to inspect all the lines in my house/the crossbox and he was going to hire a specialist that deals in routing issues to investigate the IP giving me issues. They arrived a couple hours afterwards and were very professional and knowledgeable. They changed my port and card on the crossbox, and replaced the cat 3 homerun I have in my home to a cat 6.

Unfortunately these things didn't help and I'm still having issues, which has lead us to believe my problems are stemming from which is an ATT owned IP along my traceroute which other people have previously complained about, you can find their complaints if you google this IP. So I'm waiting to see what the specialist says.

I'm still having the increased latency that happened after tech #5's visit and it's still something I plan to leverage the FCC to have ATT fix, even if they need to re-open a hole where the splice is, which is where it all started.

The manager who came to my home gave me his phone number to keep him updated, although he told me he was on vacation next week but his voicemail would be forwarded to another manager named Jeff who'll be updated on everything happening with my system.

I highly recommend you leverage the FCC if you're having issues like mine. ATT will run you around and run you around and charge you fake fees and waste hours of your time with their automated phone systems and representatives that have subpar english speaking skills. Even though the problem isn't fixed as of 2/17/24 there's finally real progress being done, thanks to the FCC.

I'll continue to update this as major events happen so that other people who need help can see what the process is like.

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