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Friday, May 10th, 2019 10:59 PM


ATT Accidentally Blacklisted My Devices

Back in early March my son had lost my iPhone 8plus, I was still paying installments on it and I knew I also had insurance on it. So I called in to make a claim for it, received it the very next day. Which was awesome. Didn’t really get to use it because the very next week I was going out of the country for 5 weeks. Came back in early April, everything was normal. A week after coming back my iPhone XS MAX stopped working, saying I need to call my provider. And the issue was only with my phone, my family who are all on the same plan we’re not affected. So I called, AT&T representative asked me to verify the IMEI number. She stated that the phone I had in my hand was the iPhone 8plus that I had claimed lost/stolen, it had been blacklisted and I need to return it. And I told her no, that’s not right, there’s probably some mistake, I know what I’m holding in my hand. I told her I can go into the ATT store in the morning if needed to get this fixed. She said yes that would be the only way. But first I confirmed with her to make sure that is all I needed to do. And my phone would be working again, because I didn’t want to have to call back again. She assured me that was correct. Saturday morning, I went into the ATT store took about 5 minutes for the representative to help me. He verified my IMEI and confirmed in fact that I what I had was the IPHONE XS MAX and not the iPhone 8plus. He notated my account, and said they probably didn’t update my IMEI or whatever when I upgraded my phone. Restarted my phone, and it was working again. Super excited and relieved I went about my day, that afternoon it stopped working again. Second call to ATT, updated the representative on the issue, the rep advised me that my phone had been blacklisted and they need to fix it on their back end in order to get this issued resolved. She would put in and urgent case for me usually take 24 hours but since it was a Saturday that department is not going to be in on Sunday and it will probably be on Monday when they’ll be able to get it resolved for me. I said that’s fine. I am still very respectful at this point, I understand the circumstances, and that the other rep probably just missed that information. The rep texted my alternative contact number to confirm that they’re working on my case. Monday afternoon rolled by, since I hadn’t received any update texts or calls from ATT I decided to give them a call just to get an update on my case. Third call to ATT, I asked if there was any update on when my case would be finished. She asked some general information, just to get caught up. Now I worked in the customer service field long enough to know when something is wrong by someone’s tone of voice. She took a minutes to actually answer my initial question. Turns out there was no case pending on my account, she also had her manager check as well. There was nothing. Just notes on my account from the previous rep to credit my account after the case has been resolved, with no case number. Still to this point I was calm and respectful. Understanding that people make mistakes. The representative then actually put in the case for me to get this resolved but she said this could take up to 48 hours. There’s nothing I can do about that but thanked her and continue to be patient. She made sure to email me a confirmation case number. Thursday afternoon rolled around, hadn’t received a call from ATT and my phone still was not working. Fourth call to ATT, gave the rep my case number. And I asked him if there is any update on when my case would be resolved. After giving him information on what’s going on my account, and had concluded that all I needed to do was return the iPhone 8 Plus, since it is blacklisted. This is where I lost it. Not only was he not listening but he was just rude and pretty much saying it’s my fault. My patience has run dried, ATT was making promises after promises and not meeting them. In the first time in my life I asked for a supervisor. He complied, transferred me to a supervisor. She was very professional, I was not at all loud with her or rude. I expressed my frustration and she told me that she is truly sorry about my experience and she gave me a timeline and I decided that I’ll be a little bit more patient and it was actually resolved by that night. I guess it did help a little to talk to a supervisor. She followed through. Now fast forward to next week, which is where we are currently at. My phone has been working perfectly, but my dads iPhone 7plus stopped working giving the same message as it did with my iPhone XS MAX. I am livid at this point but I kept calm, because it doesn’t help a situation when you’re mad. Fifth call to ATT, told the representative the situation. He then asked for the IMEI of the iPhone7 plus. I complied. Mind you, my iphone7plus is paid off through ATT has no insurance. He verified that yes it was the iPhone 7 Plus. And I told him yes that is correct, so why is it blacklisted?!  He did some more research. He said because the phone line that i claimed insurance on is currently being used in the iPhone 7 Plus. I advised him that is incorrect because I claimed the insurance on my line. He then put me on hold then came back with another guy from insurance claim or something. He then talked to me instead, he said that the phone I had in my hand needed to be sent back to ATT because it had been blacklisted for lost/stolen. I let him finish what he was trying to explain to me because I have heard all of this before. In order to make my argument stronger I asked him a couple questions. i asked him which phone he shows that I made the insurance claim on, he said the iPhone 8plus silver 64 GB. I don’t know what the other representative was doing but he clearly was not communicating with this guy he just transferred me to him for no reason. I told him, that if he sees that the insurance claim was on the iPhone 8 and yet I had just verified with the previous representative that the phone I had in my hand was the iPhone 7, how was he going to tell me to return an iPhone that I owned back to ATT?! Of course he continues to try to explain to me the same things I have heard over and over again. Very much wanting to explode at this point I asked for a supervisor because clearly they were not listening to me. He complied, but before he transferred me he made it very clear to me that the supervisor will be stating the same thing that he was. Clearly I am done with this representative because he is in the wrong and yet he is still trying to lecture me. Supervisor picks up, cold tone clearly annoyed. Just makes me even more frustrated. Again having to repeat myself for the hundredth time, I told her the situation. She said that the phone is not blacklisted and only the line is suspended. And I told her then reactive it please. If that was all that was needed why did the first representative just not do that and save me the headache and the time. She apologized of course. And I restarted the phone and it was working again. I also double checked with her to make sure that this would not happen again, she assured me that as long as I update the phones on the account then I am good to go. This little issue took over 40 minutes to resolve. I made sure she notated my account what was goin on and that she had stated that it’s not going to happen again. The next morning the phone was having the same issue once again. This making my SIXTH call to ATT, immediately but respectfully I asked for a supervisor right off the bat. Denise was the supervisor, for the hundredth time I had to repeat everything had happened with ATT. She seems to be very confident about her finding although she barely asked me any follow-up questions. She pretty much said that she understand that my claim was on the iPhone 8plus and the reason that my iPhone 7 plus keep getting blacklisted was because every time I put any sim into the iPhone 8plus (that I claimed lost/stolen) it was suspend that line. WHICH MAKES ZERO SENSE. One: I DO NOT HAVE THE iPhone 8 PLUS IN MY POSSESSION! Two; the line that I claimed insurance on is MY SIM card which works perfectly fine. So she pretty much making excuses AND accusing me of insurance fraud. Which made my blood boiled. This is not the first time ATT has done this by the way. They have done this with EVERY single call since the incident. Telling me I need to turn that phone back into ATT. The continues with her telling me that the phone was not blacklisted. She then reactivated the line like the other supervisor did, and I restarted the phone and it works again. And she said she will put in a case for me, and I will have to continue to do this every-time the phone stop working. It’s gonna take about three business days she said. ATT get it together, it just seems like they took my iPhone XSMAX off the blacklist and then replaced it with a different phone from my account. Someone needs to be hold accountable, because no one taking ownership EVERYONE is giving me different excuses even supervisors which says a lot about the company. I don't need excuses that makes zero sense to my situation, just seems like they're covering they're butts and trying to give me something I want to hear and get me off the phone as quick as possible. TAKE OWNERSHIP, if you messed up, then admit and get it resolved! Listen to your customer instead of trying to talk over them when they are telling you that you are complete wrong. Because most reps do not take the time to listen to the whole situation instead they jump the gun and decide on a an answer that is completely ridiculous. Train your employees to actually want to solve issues for customers instead of just pushing them to sell. Cause it seems like they are more knowledgable on how to add products onto my account than they are to know how to fix my current products.

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