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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 8:42 PM

All I want is DSL. Full Ports? Bull malarky.

I've lived at this location for the past 5 years. Ever since then, we've called and called, and asked/inquired about getting DSL at our home. Each time, "DSL isn't available in that area yet" or "We don't service that area yet". As in NOBODY around there could get it. So it was never an option. In 2015, I called EVERY MONTH to check, since AT&T did that whole "buying DirectTV" thing. And I was told the same exact things.

I called this morning, and got a  "Yes, DSL service is available for your area-" And I thought all my dreams had come true..until she came back and said "but all the ports all full at the moment". I know what that means. I know what AT&T is doing with U-Verse. But, how ON EARTH..Does my location go from not even being able to get DSL, to having "full ports" in a matter of two weeks? I am in desparate need of DSL service - I've been having to use this low-cap satellite to run two businesses, as well as go to school full-time online, and I'm at the end of my rope. Is there anything I can do?

I just got off the phone with somebody about it, and jokingly said (although I was serious) "Well, I guess I'll just call y'all everyday then, until they're not full!" and the person on the other end replied, "Allllllriiiiiighty, bye". I'll do it. I'm desparate to speed this process up if I can. 




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8 years ago

Whoever told you new DSL service was installed had no clue what they were talking about.

ATT is working to shut down it's entire legacy DSL internet service. ATT has not installed a single new dsl serivce since 2005.

You can only get DSL if you happen to live in an area DSL has already been installed (keep in mind the 2005 date) and there is an open port.

I suppose, if you look at it from the perspective of a non-existant bank of ports, then technically, since there are none, they would in effect all be "full".

New wired service is U-verse. Has been, since 2005. They are also working to shut down (they say phase out) the entire DSL servce by 2020, and that is, even if nothing is available to take it's place.

DirecTv ONLY provides satallitte TV service. You can do a bundle and get internet with it, but only if such service is avaiable (presently) in your area. IF you have an internet connection, you can use it with DirecTv to help you with ordering programming, but other than that, DirecTv is independant of internet service.

Long and short, unless another company comes in and builds it, you will never get DSL, period. That is not to say, companies like DSL Extreme, Earthlink, and lots of others are not in fact already providing service in your area, you just need to look to see.

ATT, nah.  They are commited to u-verse, and failing u-verse, they are moving towards wireless. (FLL Home phone and internet for instance)

Heck, plans are, once they start shutting down the old dsl systems, they are gonna start working on unloading the old rural wired residential home phone systems as well. (moving towards wireless..)

A friend has a tag line that kinda fits here: Honest answers are not always popular ones.


I am in one of those residential areas that dsl will eventually go away, and might be remote enough, the home phone might be an endangered species as well

Not a clue what might be available then, and worse, what, if anything, will be around that one can afford.


My condolences, and good luck.

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