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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 12:17 PM


Account not showing on credit report

I would like to know why hasn't my payment history shown up on my credit report. I was looking to build my credit with this account. An inquiry showed up but no payment history, Do I need to buy something else or enter a 2 agreement plan, If so can it be merged together as one account. I have 9 months of regular payment history. I would hate to lose that history to start another new account.

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6 years ago

Hi @emanueljames,


Normally payments to AT&T will not show up on the credit report as you would like. I do know if payments are missed or the account is closed with a pending balance and it is not paid, that hits your credit report. 


I would recommend contacting your banking institution. They can give you much better advice and options when it comes to your credit history/ report. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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3 months ago

Wait a min, you're telling us that making our payments did nothing to help with our credit report, but as soon as we owe that gets reported right away?! How is that right?! You dont get any benefits for making your payments on time , but it's used against you if you don't?! At can't be legal. If your on time or even late payments don't help build you credit rating. Then why should not paying effect it negatively?! By the way, I was told that my att bill should be helping my credit rating because it's supposed to be reported to the credit agencies but like this guy I don't see 3 years worth of payments and being a customer of att at all on any credit report! I think I might have to bring this issue up with the BBB and ftc and as them how it's ok that you get punished if late or missing payments and no benefits for making your payments.

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3 months ago


6yo thread closed.

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