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Friday, February 3rd, 2017 3:51 PM

Absolutely Great Service...FINALLY

We had high speed internet installed on 1/19.  On 1/20 the line "errors" started. By 1/30 I was getting 502 errors in one 24 hour period, and needless to say, no internet.  Called Tech support on 1/28 when internet simply would not connect at all.  Went through their very painful, long "troubleshooting" process and they confirmed there was no internet.  Waiting until 1/30 for a on site service call.   Tech took a few minutes and replaced the "new" modem (in fairness it might have been a "new" refurbished modem and it may have failed).  Internet was up when he came and up when he left.  I am not aware of his checking for line errors after the install of the new modem. Internet down again that evening.  Called Tech support again.  Went through the process again (aggravating) and they sent another technician TWO days later.  Internet was up when he showed up, he never came in the house but said it was our "lines".  (I asked about the lines on the previous tech visit and that tech was adamant that it wasn't a line problem).  The second tech said he would put in a service ticket for a "line" engineer.   I called ATT Tech support in AM on Feb 1 and asked about the "line" engineer. An ATT truck was parked in front of my house (not the typical ATT panel van) but I did not see anyone working.  ATT Tech support said they would contact me as soon as the line engineer completed his task to see if Internet connection improved. Waited all day, no call from ATT, called ATT in the evening.  I forbid the Tech to go through his usual  "troubleshooting" process.  Eventually, since we were getting nowhere, I asked to speak to a supervisor.  Gr*** was helpful, she actually called me back a couple of times to update me on what was going on, said there was a "bridge tap" which was repaired and a Tech would come to my home next AM to make sure everything was working inside. In the meantime, Internet went down. (this is the second on site troubleshooting tech and the third ATT troubleshooting  "visit" counting the line engineer.)  The Tech, S***, called me next morning, came out, actually read the engineering repair report, called the engineer (no mention of a bridge tap), checked every connection, found errors all over the place, opened the ATT connection box where the wires are run to my house, and found a corroded lug bolt/nut that had not been touched for a LONG time.  He got the nut loose, cleaned it up, reconnected the wires and THE ERRORS DISAPPEARED!  Sean stayed in my home checking the 15 minute intervals for errors. No errors.  S*** called his manager, who then came to our home, and verified the fix he did and that the internet was working, error free.  The manager gave me his cell phone number and I put a MS NETWORK ALARM app on my PC.  I messaged  the manager later that night (he told me he would be up until midnight) and told him the internet did not disconnect, not even once.  This morning, S*** ran a report (without prompting) and messaged  me that the connection remained error free!!

I am waiting for a survey so I can give S*** and his manager a 15 in the rating.  10 does not cut it since every technician, except S***, told me not to give them less than 8 or they would be in trouble!  (I do not feel the lack of problem resolution was directly the technicians' faults, it might be a combination of poor training and lack of guidance and there could have been multiple issues....so, unless there is a blatant error, I prefer not to poorly rate the techs) BUT the troubleshooting process that S*** followed was exemplary.


My next step was NOT to call TECH support, but instead, cancel  all of my ATT services.  I was frustrated and unhappy. I even went to the ATT store who sold me this system (another story) and they couldn't help me nor could they give me a number for someone who could help me.   I don't like the on phone Tech support (except the one supervisor who was on the ball and really tried to get me some help), I don't like that I felt that I was not talking the the "right" people who were knowledgeable regarding the ongoing problem.  But thanks to S*** and his manager, I am staying with ATT. 


ATT is so large it is disjointed.  The sales group at the store cannot assist, even with a proper phone number,  beyond "selling"  and (and because  some are not  technical or familiar with different area configurations) they easily mislead the consumer. The on line technical support read off a card (I guess), because the procedure is repetitive and painful, especially when it is an ongoing problem, and I really don't think they read the TECH's reports on what was done previously.  The wait for in-house service is the same for the first visit and the third visit...no priority for ongoing, unresolved issues. The  "ATT survey calls" only reach out to customers on installation and the customer (in my case anyway) hears nothing from anyone when there is an ongoing problem.  Maybe a little communication between functional groups would ease the pain for the customers.  Maybe a little follow up from ATT would at least make it appear that ATT corporate cares about customer satisfaction.

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7 years ago

Hello @KathleenJordan


Awesome! Glad everything is finally working. If you have any other issues in the future, feel free to reach out to us on the forums.





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