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Thursday, August 17th, 2017 9:29 PM

89 Year old Gramma being taken advantage of!!!

My grandmother is 89 years old and lived in a senior citizens building in Chicago, until late. She is completely bling in one eye and due to cataract and glaucoma, she has 20% vision in her other eye. Up until May 2017 she has been living on her own in this senior building, but at her doctors request she now lives with us in California. So when we went to Chicago to move her here. we canceled all her services and one being AT&T Uverse. Well today we got several AT &T Bills in the mail that had been forwarded from her old address. Apparently the service was still active and being billed. So I called AT & T with my grandmother and provided her account number and they asked for a 4 digit password or the answer to her security question and of course she couldn't remember either or ever setting up these security features.... did I mention she was 89. So we where told she would have to go to a local AT &T store. So I took her to the local store her in California the representative did not thing her ID was valid because it had no expiration date. Illinois provides senior citizens a "Senior ID" that never expires. so the expiration date is 99/99/99. So the rep said he could expect it. She offered to verify her SS and DOB but that wasn't enough they claim to not have this info on file. But thats funny when this goes to collections it will magically appear on her credit report that requires them to provide her SS number..... I guess we will have to get a lawyer to fight.. Or maybe the eyewitness news team... sounds like a valid case of AT&T taking advantage of seniors. Oh did I mention the phone rep said the only way he could access her account without the passcode or security question was if she submitted a payment for the service...INTERESTING

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7 years ago

If I were in your shoes, I'd just say "S C R E W it". 


So what if they file it with a collection agency?  Is your grandmother going to buy a new car or apply for a new credit card?  You've made a valiant attempt to clear the matter up.  If it goes to collection (and on her CR), you can have it noted as a disputed amount.


Don't waste anymore time on it.  Enjoy the time you have left with Gramma.

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