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Sat, Oct 2, 2021 5:29 PM

Will Fiber in Paris Texas be expanding?

There is a house in Paris Texas that I am heavily considering buying, but it's contingent on internet. Where I am right now I have gigabit fiber and we use about 3 terabytes of data a month because I work from home and my kids go to school online, so internet is a very important utility for us. I see that AT&T fiber is available just a few blocks down Pine Bluff from this house (also on Pine Bluff). Is there any chance the fiber lines will be expanding on that street any time soon? I'd be willing to buy the house and wait for it if there is a possibility it could get fiber soon




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They don’t share future services with the public or front line employees. 




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If you want fiber service and it is not already in the ground and order-able at that address don't buy the house!

There are too many factors that may prevent that address from ever qualifying for Fiber.

This is a customer to customer support forum and AT&T Employees stop by on their own time to share their experience.

But none of us can tell you about future plans for Fiber rollout.


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You currently have fiber service, part of the 15 million (5) year deployment from 2016-2020. This is about 25% of all hardwired addresses within ATT 21 states, 90+ markets.

ATT is currently in a 2nd (5) year buildout that is scheduled to reach another 15 million addresses. By start of 2026 30 million addresses should have fiber option. Meaning the house your considering is a 50-50 chance will have fiber within 4.5 years. Is that a chance your willing to take?

If yes, purchase the house, maybe rent it out till fiber is available.

Or wait to see if the house will be on the market in the future after fiber has been provided.

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