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Sat, Mar 5, 2022 2:36 AM

Why AT&T Fiber Rollout slow or non existent in my area.

I live in Texas City, TX and numerous areas have AT&T Fiber and nearby are numerous industrial companies.  However, when it comes to my address I am limited to the lowest speed for AT&T (basically bonded DSL) or the gorilla company that wants to mafia their prices.  Why is it that AT&T has Fiber within 1 mile of my address and cannot get it down our street which is a high density residential area.   


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Hi there, rpelfrey! Let's look to see why AT&T Fiber internet is not available in your area. 


Let's check the availability of AT&T Fiber in the area. Please use the aforementioned link to do just that.


If that site still says that AT&T Fiber is not available, then it will list the products and services that are available. There is also a "Notify Me" link that you can click on and after filling out the forum, you will be on our list of people that would like to be notified when AT&T Fiber comes available to them.


We cannot answer your question, as there are too many factors can come into play, but we can say is that AT&T is always expanding the service areas. So please stay tuned and look out for that email notifying you when AT&T is in the area.  


Thank for your posting on the AT&T Community Forum. 


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist



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I seriously doubt you have the lowest possible ATT internet speed, especially if have bonded service. 

Bonded service as VDSL FTTN speed tiers 100/20, 75/20, 75/8 45/6 all require bonded. The following speed tiers may be bonded or single pair depending on facilities 50/10, 25/5, 25/2. Approximately 23 million addresses have these options within 21 state footprint.

However there is the single pair ADSL2+ services if 18, 12, 10, 6, 5, 3, 1.5 and .76 based on copper loop length from source. I would estimate this group at 18 million.

FYI 18 million is also the current number of FTTP direct fiber addresses or about 30% of all hardwired addresses.

The result is 30% FTTP, 40% FTTN 30% ADSL2+ at this time compared to start of 2016 (beginning of fiber deployment) when 58% was FTTN (33 million) and 42% ADSL2 + (24 million).

ATT is expanding fiber by 3 million addresses per year (5% of total footprint) within footprint. The current 5 year (2021-end 2025) expansion should result in 50% of hardwired addresses being FTTP for 30 million, the remaining 30 million will have same choices as today.

You may wait for IF / WHEN will become available over the next several years, or consider other options including cable or relocation to where desired service already exists. 

Just my thoughts

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