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Mon, Feb 28, 2022 11:34 AM

Who to contact to get fiber in my area.

I live in Loudon TN and learned there is fiber routed to a subdivision adjacent to our street.  Our street is Lakewood Dr.  Who can I contact to request fiber to be routed down our street?  Several neighbors have expressed interest also.

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Jeff Harrison


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We're here to help provide you information on when Fiber will be available, h8n!


There can be multiple reasons why Fiber isn't available yet, such as the following:

  1. Distance – AT&T Internet is a distance-dependent service. If you are too far away from the equipment, certain services may not be available. This means your neighbor may have service but your home cannot. 

  2. Equipment is not available – To get service, AT&T Internet equipment has to be in the area. In some instances, it isn't. We do not have information if or when it will be.

  3. The area is not built for U-verse – Some areas are not U-verse ready. The Community team does not have information if or when it will be. Distance and equipment can play a key in instances like this.

  4. Another competitor services the area - This happens from time to time but it does not mean all services are not available to you. Check out other internet options below!

We are still in the process of expanding the network to provide the most coverage to our customers. You can access our Coverage Map where you can check availability at your address. Otherwise, you can sign up for a notification if it does become available in the future, please visit We will send you a notification via your preferred method as soon as AT&T Fiber becomes available to you.


If you have any further questions, please let us know. Thank you for being a part of our AT&T Community!


Donovan, AT&T Community Specialist


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There is not....

Currently 30% (18 million) residential addresses have FTTP within 21 state footprint.

That number is increasing 5% per year (3 million) for next several years. By 2026 50% of hardwired addresses will have FTTP and 50% will have same options as today.

The question is does ATT offer any hardwired internet to your address? If yes, what is the best speed?

New construction within footprint and upgrades of existing FTTN (speeds of 100, 75, 50, 45, 25, 24) are mostly likely to have fiber in the future. If best speed is 18 or less chances of receiving fiber are diminished. 

Currently the best option (control) you have for fiber internet is relocation to where the service is available such as the subdivision you mentioned. Otherwise waiting for an IF or WHEN moment over next (4) years.

I am hoping ATT will add a third 5 year build out from 2026-2030 which would expand fiber to 75% of hardwired addresses, but there will be a group that will not be upgraded even by then.

1st phase 2016-2020 reached 15 million (25%)

2nd phase 2021-2025 to reach +15 million

Note the more NEW GREENFIELD construction of apartments, condos, single family subdivisions means the less BROWNFIELD addresses to be upgraded. The budget and numbers with planning are set at least 2 years in advance. 

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