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Sun, Jan 19, 2020 6:22 PM

What is the status of ATT Fiber in Flagler Beach, FL 32136?

Curious about an update. This page says it's available in the area, but apparently not very much of the area. I'm close to the center of the town of Flagler Beach, but the availability checker online doesn't show the fiber service as an option for me - it only shows the terrible DSL option.


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1 month ago

Here's a boilerplate summary of your situation from AT&T:

Why AT&T fiber internet is not currently available at your address:

Distance – AT&T Internet is a distance-dependent service. If you are too far away from the equipment, certain services may not be available. This means your neighbor may have service but your home cannot.

Equipment is not available – To get service, AT&T Internet equipment has to be in the area. In some instances, it isn't. We do not have information if or when it will be.

The area is not built for U-verse – some areas are not U-verse ready. The Community team does not have information if or when it will be. Distance and equipment can play a key in instances like this.

Another competitor services there area - This happens from time to time but it does not mean all services are not available to you.

Note: In order to get higher speeds, you must be within a certain distance of the serving equipment or the equipment must be present in the area. Points 1 and 2 apply in these scenarios. If internet is not available, there are other options.

If your neighbor has AT&T Fiber, we can research your address to see if it's available. Remember, distance and equipment still play a factor as mentioned above.

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1 month ago

Your zip code has about 15% or addresses with direct fiber FTTP (internet 1000 available) with total of 92% having ATT internet including FTTN, Fiber To The NODE, with up to internet 100. Both offer Uverse IPTV option with internet speeds of 1000/1000, 300/300, 100/100, 100/20, 75/20, 75/8, 50/10, 45/6, 25/5, 25/2 depending on facilities available and your distance from the facility.

FTTN deployment occurred for 10 years from 2006 to end 2015 while FTTP recent 4 year deployment occurred from 2016 to late 2019. The FTTP stated goal was 12.5+ million and was part of the government conditions allowing ATT to purchase DirecTv in summer 2015. The company reached over 14 million addresses exceeding the goal by 10%.

The company leaders have stated they are not done deploying fiber since reaching the goal but the pace will slow, no more 3.5 million addresses per year. Most of the fiber will be for cell towers to support 5G wireless, Project Airgig, business / government needs and NEW GREENFIELD residential construction. Existing brownfield residential addresses will have lowest expansion. Therefore the best chance of having internet 1000 is to move to either existing service area or new subdivision or apartment / condo complex (about 25% of fiber is MDU addresses)

My current estimate of ATT services within the 21 states where available....

28 million addresses with FTTN VDSL internet 100 to internet 25

20 million addresses with ADSL2+, no IPTV option, internet 18, 10, 5, 3, 1.5, .76

14 million addresses with FTTP internet 1000 or less depending on willing to pay

14 million addresses with NO hardwired internet option, cell tower internet "hotspot"

1 million addresses with ATT FIXED WIRELESS cell tower internet

42 million addresses or 56% have fiber internet , direct FTTP or indirect FTTN, with internet 25 or faster. internet 25 or greater is a US government standard.

The minimum broadband download speeds now begin at 25Mbps, up from 4Mbps... changed 2015

Note: speeds less than 25 cannot be called broadband but can still be offered using a different name.

edit... remember started with saying 15% of your zip code has direct fiber access.... the 14 million total addresses represent about 18% of all addresses, some zip code are 90%+ around Atlanta and cities in Texas while others are as low as 3% or less, mine is 6% thus 15% is slightly below average but far better than many zipcodes... my opinion.


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