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Thu, May 12, 2022 4:36 PM

Website redirects preventing me from shopping for home internet service

Here's my order of events/clicks:
1. From my Account overview page, I click on Add Services (Get Started > Shop Internet).
2. I click on either "Check for an Upgrade" or "Shop Internet" buttons from a page that reads, "Check your notifications, make changes to your plan, or see if you qualify for a faster internet speed."
3. I arrive at a "My Internet" page with error text in each category (because I don't have internet service) which is effectively a dead end.

I've tried multiple browsers with the same results. I tried the sidebar chat feature but the bot offered info about email or something unhelpful. Is my only recourse to call and endure the pain of being on the phone for 45 minutes likely being sent to a call center on the other side of the globe? I'm prepared to be resigned to that fate but thought I'd ask here first in case I'm doing something wrong.

(2b. If I click on "see what plans are available at your address" I see a pop up You’ve Logged in to Your Wireless Account or DIRECTV AccountYou’ve logged in to your Wireless or DIRECTV account. Would you like to continue to myATT to manage your account?" which dumps be back at my account overview page.)


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2 m ago

Not shocking behavior for this website.  Have you tried going directly to via a Private Window or Incognito page and then start your shopping from there? 

If that doesn't work, you could try (sorry) clearing cache and specifically looking to cookies relating to att and removing those.  I've had login issues over the years and I could fire up a virtual machine and use a browser that had never been to any site and it worked, so I knew it was something in the browsers I used daily.  Both of my suggestions have been things I've done to work around the issue successfully.

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