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Mon, Nov 29, 2021 12:21 AM

Requesting Fiber Internet at home address

I live in Hayward, CA, AT&T claims 99% of my city has fiber... unfortunately my household is the unlucky 1% that doesn't have it. Hence I'd like to request neighborhood to get connected/access.

Yes, I already checked the availability map.

No, I don't want the 50 Mbps that's only avail.

What can I do to expedite or know of AT&T's plans/progress with expanding their fiber network




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First this is primarily  a customer to customer forum and not a formal AT&T support path.

Where are you seeing that AT&T claims to have your "city" of Haywood CA has 99% AT&T Fiber coverage? AT&T would never claim that level.

What do you get when you search at https://broadbandnow

and enter your Zip Code? It probally shows 99% coverage and that would include VDSL and ADSL in addition to Fiber.

Do you have a HOA or POA association for your neighborhood? That would help as they could work directly with AT&T about Fiber service.


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As previously stated, the ATT is likely 99% hardwired service addresses available using UVERSE based platforms which include ADSL2+ speeds of 18/1 or less depending on copper length from Central Office (IP-CO) or Remote Terminal (IP-RT) OR VDSL FTTN (Fiber To The Node) which includes 100/20, 75/20, 75/8, 50/10, 45/6, 25/5, 25/2 depending on cards (F, K, N) used in the VRAD, single or bonded pair and copper distance from VRAD.

The 3rd UVERSE internet platform is GIGAPOWER renamed ATT Fiber… this direct fiber offers 300, 500, 1000 and in some select test areas even higher 2.5G or 5G. 

If your zip code (area) also has Google Fiber there is likely 80%+ of addresses with ATT Fiber, maybe even 90+%. If no Google fiber likely much less percentage of fiber.

The first fiber year year rollout (2016 to end 2020) reached 15 million residential addresses with fiber which is about 25% of all hardwired addresses within 21 state footprint. Phase 2 from 2021 to end 2025 should reach an additional 15 million addresses bringing the total to 30+million at start of 2026… or about 50% of all addresses. Thus you can see for zip codes over 50% fiber there will be zip codes under 50%. 

Best to relocate to where the service desired is offered, or wait another 4+ years to determine if you will or will not receive fiber during this 2nd phase build. 


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Very informative, exactly the kind of information I was looking for... albeit bitter sweet.

Thank you

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