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Sun, Aug 19, 2018 5:03 AM

Questions about AT&T Fiber Internet service

AT&T fiber is now available where I live. I am looking for information about the service (I am thinking of ordering). With ATT fiber service:


  • Do you have a pre-paid service plan? I’d prefer to pay upfront. I like having the ability to cancel by not paying to continue for another month/year/period.
  • Can I get a static IP (an IPv4 one)? And if so, for how much? I want a static IP because I work from home and I access computers that are protected by firewalls. The firewalls only allow access from known IP addresses.
  • With the “Internet 1000” service is the upload speed the same as the download speed (1000 Mbps)?
  • With the “Internet 1000” service, what do you mean by “Connect up to 14 devices at the same time.”? I would want to connect my own firewall/router to the service. From AT&T's perspective, it would look like I have only 1 device connected and I would have the rest of my network NAT’d behind my firewall. When you say 14 devices, are you saying that you provide a modem/router combo device that only allows 14 devices to connect? Or are you saying that there is a policy where customers are not allowed to connect more than 14 devices to the internet service as doing so would be against the rules?
  • Can I not use the included wifi? I have a carefully tuned wifi network at my house that I’d rather use.
  • Can I not use a provided router? Do you have a modem only option? I don't want to double NAT. Sometimes I play games and port forward. I don't want to use a  router that is restrictive.


Just a few notes, I typically use less than 500GB per month and my usage patterns are typical for an everyday home user. I really don’t think I need business-grade internet. Also, I'm pretty sure business-grade internet options are too expensive.


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2 years ago

Hey @cheese31,


We know how exciting those speeds are!

  • Currently only available as a post-paid service
  • We do offer static IP blocks upon request for a monthly fee (Note: When you purchase a block of internet static IP addresses, three addresses will be used right off the bat for the network base address, your Wi-Fi gateway, and your broadcast address.)
    • 8 for $15
    • 16 for $25
    • 32 for $30
    • 64 for $35
    • 128 for $40
  • Yes, AT&T Fiber grants you up to 1000 Mbps Up/Down, though it can vary at times due to network congestion at peak hours.
  • There is no hard limit on how many devices you can connect via WiFi. The "14 device" number is just an estimate based on average bandwidth use per device (and other metrics)
  • Combining the answer to the last two questions: You must use the provided gateway as it is the only device that translates the signal fed into it to connect you to our network. However, you are free to disable the wireless broadcasting capabilities and connect your own separate router to it via an Ethernet cable. Our gateway also has port forwarding capabilities for gaming.

Hope I was able to cover everything! Let us know if you have further questions!


Rury, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

Your response was very helpful; thank you. I have a follow-up question, I hope it's not too technical.


If I bought 8 static IP addresses, It sounds like you would assign a subnet to me. The provided gateway would route traffic between the greater AT&T network and the network at my house. Okay, I know that's kinda the definition of a router but I wanted to establish that so I can ask my question:


What would your provided gateway do if someone from the greater internet tried to establish a TCP connection with one of the addresses in my subnet? 


Let me give an example.

Suppose you assigned these 8 addresses to me: to ( / 29).

Let's suppose the provided gateway has the address

I assume I would be allowed to connect a device to your gateway using ethernet and I could assign a static IP to my device. Suppose I connect a computer and assign it

Let's say I am running software on my computer that is listening for TCP connections (the port doesn't matter).

If I told my friend to connect to using TCP, would it work (assuming my friend knew the port and could)? Would the provided gateway filter traffic or otherwise do something to prevent that?


I'm kinda hoping the provided gateway would just push packets from the greater AT&T network to my network and not try and be a firewall too. That would be quite convenient actually (I run my own firewall).


Thanks. And again I'm sorry this question is so technical. If you'd like to give a technical response, please feel free. I'm comfortable with that. 



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2 years ago

Thanks for all your responses (I got a private message that said it would probably work as expected or I'd be able to fiddle with the gateway to make it work).

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