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Fri, Nov 12, 2021 11:06 PM

Poor customer service

I scheduled an upgrade for my home on Thursday. No show. Friday. No show. Tomorrow and hopefully they show up. I’ve spent at least two hours on the phone with At&T. Some ppl blame me. No one seems to know anything. My wife took off work from her business for two days. We have lost a lot of money on this. My question is: does anyone at AT&T know what they’re doing? 

Terrible customer service. This company should be broken up again. 

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2 m ago

Appointments are scheduled based upon techs scheduled for each day…

An average of 4 jobs per tech per shift, sometimes 5 

Tech loss, tech calling in unable to work for any reason means not enough techs available to cover the jobs taken

Covid is still a big factor, tech reporting any symptoms is an automatic 3 days off, this protectors both other techs from not having contact as well as customers. 

My wife has been in the hospital since Oct 16 with Covid Delta, including 18 days in ICU on ventilator. Double pneumonia, that meant automatic isolation for family of which (2) members also developed Covid positive testing and illness.

Needless to say I missed days of work in which jobs were accepted expecting I would be in. 

Safety of all needs to be number 1 propriety…

ATT has been active in trying to hire and train additional techs offering $10,000 hiring bonus. Takes months of training techs before they can make impact on the load.

Will continued expansion of fiber to 3 million new addresses scheduled per year with 1 million activations per year, will be difficult for all to make expectations met. 

While I do not know who comes first, my personal opinion would be repairs (customers out of service or issues, new customer install and then existing customer upgrades. As some repairs are waiting 5+ days, I expect installations are even longer scheduled out.

Just my thoughts…


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2 m ago

@my thoughts , first let me say I hope your wife recovers soon.

I understand why the jobs can't always be done as scheduled.  I even understand why AT&T schedules things as if everything will work perfectly, on the off chance that it will and not a tech minute will be wasted.  What I do not understand is why there isn't a better system in place to proactively notify customers who are affected when the tech will not arrive during the original appointment window as soon as it becomes obvious it isn't going to happen.   Instead the customer has to call a clueless CSR who can't give any useful information.  At the very least the CSR should be equipped with useful information.

my thoughts, I know that you cannot fix this problem.  But one of AT&T's biggest problems is a failure to communicate.  Which is both ironic and truly sad for a communications company.

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