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Wed, Jun 24, 2020 2:11 PM

Ordering AT&T Fiber Online Is A Joke

I've been trying to order AT&T Fiber and TV for my mother for a week now. It will be installed at her house, and I'll be paying the bill. 


When I get to the payment section, the billing address shows up as her physical address where the service will be, not where my credit card billing address is, even though I set the billing address up correctly in the beginning. No matter how many times I try, when I edit the billing address for payment, the change does not stick. The site then has me re-accept the terms, and the billing address is still incorrect. I even tried to use her card since the billing address would then match. Nope. Can't process the payment for some reason. 


So just order on the phone, right? No. If I order online I get $400 worth of rewards cards, if I order on the phone I only get $250. Why would I purposely lose $150 just because the site doesn't work properly?? It almost seems like this is by design. 


Further, the site is wildly inconsistent and poorly put together, ironic considering what I'm trying to order. If I attempt the order on my desktop computer, I only get $300 worth of rewards cards. If I attempt it on my phone, I get the aforementioned $400 in rewards, but no option to have an installer come out. 


When I called customer "service" they could not have cared less about this issue, and literally suggested I try ordering online....after telling them three times that the problem I was calling about to begin with was that I COULDN'T ORDER ONLINE!!! 


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a month ago

We are here to help, @mkimber79.


What type of phone do you have? What version software is it running? Have you tried on another phone?


Are you getting any error messages?


We also recommend that you clear your browsers cache and cookies, and try to process the order again. We also suggest that you try different browsers on both the phone and computer.


Let us know more, so we can better assist you.


Marc, AT&T Community Specialist

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