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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 1:25 AM

Neighbors have fiber but I don't.

So I discovered something really weird. This is a community built in 2014. So I checked some houses and they said they had gigpower and I show up at 10mbps IPDSL.

So I went on to the map and looked at properties looks like 4 properties in my row and 2 across my show up as gigapower and others show up as IPDSL. How can this be possible? I mean these houses were built the same year.

I am thinking I am fiber to the curb may be and that is how these houses got it? I didn't get a chance to check every address but only the ones across from me and on my row.

I tried to do an address case but they won't even do any thing and canceled my ticket saying service is available and they can't do anything and it is what it says lol. So I placed an order anyways and to have the tech come out and talk to him since everyone else has been no help.

Literally my house is 9533 and 9508, 9500 show up as gigapower. This is all buried cables its hard for me to believe AT&T ran copper and fiber on the same street in the same year.

Any assistance here in the forum might be helpful. I am ordering charter anyways because I need service at home. I will make it easy on the tech to find out of I am fiber to the curb and how those 4 homes show up as gigapower, if I can't get gigapower and those 4 homes seem be on random service in middle of my street I will just cancel the install.


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