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Fri, Sep 24, 2021 10:32 AM

Installation without entering home?

Looking to get Internet 1000 from ATT, and as I never had fiber service at my home before, ATT rep said they would need to do an install with a tech coming into the home.

I live with my very elderly grandmother and do not want to take any chances with a tech coming into my house. Been reading that the BGW320 is available for new customers and with it's integrated ONT, there should no reason for the tech to come into my home, correct?

What I am thinking is that during the installation process, have the tech set up the fiber line from the street to the outside my house, and then snake the fiber line from the tech to the inside of my house (already have a small hole that was used to bring cable in from outside) and complete set up of the RG/ONT myself inside the home.

Is this too farfetched of an idea?]

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Unless you are given the option of a 'self-install', then the tech will need to enter the home to finish the work.

I'm old but fully vaccinated.  I have continued my life and have had repairmen (washer) and others in my home.  I wear a mask.  They wear a mask.  I keep my distance from them.  I wash my hands.

Sequester granny in a room.  Wear a mask.  Have the tech wear a mask.  Wash your hands and wipe down all surfaces after they leave.  I assume you've both been vaccinated and if you take proper precautions, all should be fine.




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Is this too farfetched of an idea?

Yes the tech will need to come into your home to setup any Fiber solution as @skeeterintexas indicated above. If you are that concerned you might want to wait on Fiber 1000 a few more months.

In the case of the new BGW320 Gateway the tech will run fiber to a new AT&T Fiber wall plate. And then use a Fiber jumper cable ( normal 4 meters ) to the back of the BGW320 and complete the setup and activation.

Just have have your Grandmother stay in another part of the house and have everyone where a mask. If you have central air or central heat just set it to Fan mode so the fan runs continuously.

You don't need to be within 6 ft of the tech and once the tech leaves allow the air to clear for 20 minutes in the room where the AT&T Gateway is installed and you should be good to go.

If you and your Grandmother have been vaccinated you are going to be fine. If you are really worried just have your Grandmother sit outside if the weather permits.


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I do like the 'sit outside' suggestion. 

I was just in the car with someone who had recovered from Covid.  I didn't know this until later so I was freaking out a bit.  I consulted with an RN at major hospital who's been dealing with this since Day 1 and she said if the person was recovered and more than 14 days symptom free, all should be fine.


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Can you share how the issue got solved for other who may be in the same boat?

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