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Mon, Jan 13, 2020 8:53 AM

Hurricane outtages

I live in South Florida and work for the government. I am part of the disaster recovery team and currently I use Comcast. I hate Comcast and would love to switch companies. I would have already but I am worried that since AT&T fiber is fairly new where I live, if it goes out during a hurricane, how long will it take them to get me back up? Comcast has it down pat and within a few days it is up and running if it goes out. Will att be able to handle it just as fast?


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1 month ago

unknown.... generally when major events (fires, hurricanes, tornados as examples... high wind, destruction of plant) occur, the company bring in workers from surrounding states when it is safe to do so.

As fiber, especially buried would be better than copper plant repair, rebuilt... it still takes time.

Looking back at some major events over the years the time frames are over the board.... thinking New Orleans, various areas of Texas and of course Verizon owned areas in the NE. Do not forget the wild fires in California...

Salt water near low lying coastal areas would be harder on copper wiring, in your Comcast coax cabling or their newer fiber offering?

It needs to be stated that government, business interests would be handled before residential areas.

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