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Mon, Oct 12, 2020 8:37 PM

Gigabit Fiber availability in Campbell, CA (West San Jose)?

I have been speaking for AT&T for months about Gigabit Fiber availability in our area.  Apparently, several folks in and around our neighborhood have access to Gigabit Fiber and I have been assured by several technicians over recent months that it is simply a cross-connect issue in our area and that it would be addressed, but that Covid was slowing down technicians work.


While I appreciate, and know, that is totally the case... I have been told for months now (since August, 2020) that this was being escalated and would be addressed; quoted prices for the new service; and told that someone would be following up with me shortly; all to no avail.

Anyone able to add any color or clarity on this?  I really don't want to switch carriers, but the current copper connection just is not cutting it anymore for shelter-in-place distance learning, etc.



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Hey there, @Redsand, we can help you with this.


We just wanted to add on to the excellent posts from @Constructive and @my thoughts. Fiber expansion has slowed in 2020, and we can’t provide timetables for specific areas. There are a wide variety of factors that will impact when a Fiber build has completed. Rest assured that we are working on expanding as quickly as possible.


We do have a couple options for you as well:

  • Since other homes in your area are connected to Fiber, you can submit an address research request. The engineering team in your area may be able to check how far your address is from the nearest Fiber terminal, and what options are available to connect it.
    • You can also use that page to sign up for updates when AT&T Fiber is available at your home address.
  • If you live in an apartment complex or your home is managed by a Home Owner’s Association, you can also file an evaluation request for the neighborhood.

We’re hoping to reach your neighborhood soon. Let us know if you have any other questions @Redsand!


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Gigabit buildout was completed a year ago and term techs have been let go 

my thoughts



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While 98.9% of addresses within Campbell, Ca can receive ATT internet services, only 25.9% of addresses are able to receive direct fiber.


As stated, the ATT 4 year build out was completed late last year having reached over 14 million addresses within 21 states footprint. 


As of Jan 2020 the company stated interest was increasing the number of fiber subscriber from 4 million to 7 million by end of 2022 from the existing 14+ million available. 


The company generally makes a statement between mid Nov to mid Jan concerning the plans for that year (which would be 2021). I am hopeful they will continue the fiber buildout for a few more years. However if do another 4 years at same rate would have 28+ million addresses with fiber available by end 2024 with about 50 million still on the same services (non FTTP) had at end of 2015. 


The IF and WHEN questions cannot be answered as that information is not available to front line employees that you could have access to such as at retail stores, call or chat centers or field techs. Only time will tell if upgraded services will be available in the future.





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Appreciate the insights -- as I stated, something that I have been told for months is available with quoted prices for the service, timelines, expected setup, etc. with people in my physical neighborhood who have access to the service.


I know that it is always better to saturate your existing infrastructure investments to fund the next mile (I worked for telecommunications companies as well years ago) and future builds, but unfortunately, the pandemic has made the need for additional bandwidth something critical of late.


If it is truly the case that I have been misinformed (on 3 separate occasions) that is disappointing, as will be our switch from AT&T to another carrier for our internet and mobile phone services.


Thanks all for chiming in!



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