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Tue, Sep 29, 2020 2:24 AM

Fiber Internet

I have been waiting since March for fiber internet to be available in my area. It has been such a struggle to be able to manage reliable internet service. No one will service my area due to its not within city limits. The last I spoke to someone in July they told be beginning of August, well we are at the end of September going into October and still no idea when we will be able to have some service. Having to home school with no reliable internet is hard. Home schooling it self is a challenge.


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a month ago

Are you in an ATT area?

IF yes, 80% of addresses will have a hardwired connection of either VDSL FTTN of 28 million, ADSL2+ from CO or RT 20 million, FTTP (direct fiber) 14 million. The other 20% (15 million) will have the option to use wireless internet from cell tower.... 1.1 million over 18 states will have FIXED WIRELESS while the rest will have 4G LTE, 5G or 5G+ as becomes available in select markets.


The easiest way to receive the ATT service you desire, is to move to where that service is available. People move for many different reason, schools, neighborhoods, work, play, taxes, just add internet to the list of why and what to consider when moving. Recently had someone bought a house, left an apartment with direct fiber internet 1000 to move to semi rural area with internet 10/1 as best speed. 

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