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Friday, November 10th, 2023 7:53 PM

Fiber incoming

Fiber on the way ? Tech adding nodes to pfp at the entrance of my neighborhood. Currently only dsl is available online. He said he was tasked to add 64 nodes to the box. 3/4 of my neighborhood has fiber ,only one portion according to the fcc maps doesn't (my portion)

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4 months ago

Hello @TotalReflux,
Thank you for reaching out to us. Let's make up for the invested time and get the help you need.

We recommend that you check the availability of fiber in our website here

We've got a helpful Forums post that explains why service may not be available yet in the following link.

You can also fill out our address research request form via This will provide us with the information that's needed to
check for the availability of service in your area. 

You also can feel free to check the availability of fiber in our website here!

We hope this information is helpful and thanks for reaching out to AT&T Community Forums!
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4 months ago

Unless you see fiber being added on a pole or underground construction activity then my answer would be no…

padding 64 “nodes” would be installing / activating one XSGOPN splitter which has 64 ports or (2) GPON splitters with 32 ports each.

On initial setup a limited number of splitters (example 2) would have been installed, as addresses order service, they each receive (1) port. As the number of available ports dwindles addition splitter(s) are added.

Example would be 300 addresses planned for with with fiber terminals placed, if best speeds are 5000 then XSGPON splitters while best speeds of 1000 would be GPON splitters. With (2) XSGPON installed could provide service for max of 128 addresses out of potential 300 wired, at say 100 orders installed with 80% usage another splitter added to be able to support max 192 addresses out of the 300.

More capacity at the PFP is good, but for the non fiber section(s) of development to have fiber, the fiber would need to be expanded by deployment… if the original intent was to provide for fiber for these addresses it would have been done when the fiber sections were being performed. If your neighborhood was developed in sections and your section was pre fiber, no guarantee will be upgraded. If the issue is the total neighborhood is too large would require a separate PFP installed at a different location to provide for the other area, again fiber lines and terminals would need to be installed. An example of this possibility is neighborhood of 1100 houses with the largest double door PFP only able to support 864… neighborhoods split into say 600 and 500 .

edit.. if initially only has GPON splitters best speed of 1000, the tech may have installed an XSGPON splitter allowing a certain percentage of the internet 1000 customers to upgrade to internet 2000 or 5000. This is for faster speeds not for more total addresses to be serviced. 


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4 months ago

Very good write up. Thank you for the detail! I can add, months ago, I did see contract crews running underground fiber conduit across the small highway and down to this specific marked box.

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