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Tue, Dec 7, 2021 11:55 PM

Fiber availability by address?

Want fiber. Website's availability checker says I can't have it, but my neighbors with a different address IN THE SAME BUILDING have it available. Only difference is I live above a dry cleaners and the other address is all apartments. Am in Chicago



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Talk to the building management as they decide what internet is available within a MDU. Does the same group manage your unit as your neighbors?

Could you explain a little further about how you can be in the same "building" but have 2 configurations: all apartments / and your section over the Dry Cleaners?


my thoughts



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How many apartments. / floors in the “main” building?

Having a different address, in essence around the corner, if the street is not planned for fiber would not expect your unit to unless moving into the main building.

A large building with multiple units should be prewired, your address not listed means mot prewired.

If your under different management than main and a single unit over a shop would not expect fiber if neighbors on same street does not have fiber.

Just my thoughts…

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