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Fri, Feb 14, 2020 8:48 PM

Fiber availability Buford, GA 20518


The internet at my work is very slow, its AT&T U-verse 25-5 over two pairs of copper. 4 years ago in 2016 crews installed AT&T branded fiber cable up and down our street where I work. Every time I call AT&T, they still tell me fiber is not available and U-verse 25-5 is the best we can get. Today I walked across the street where the fiber pedestal is located and the cover is still unlocked. The splitter or whatever looks exactly like it did 4 years ago and it looks like no one is hooked up to the fiber. There is even a sealed plastic bag of 2-part adheasive or something inside the pedestal at the bottom along with spider webs. Why would AT&T run the fiber so many years ago and not want to hook anyone? Or maybe this just supplies other people, I don’t know. I am attaching pictures of the pedestal with the cover lifted off.


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2 months ago

64% of zip code 30518 has direct fiber availability.....

Not all addresses will receive the fiber, and this could be for DEDICATED 1:1 ATT Fiber instead of the shared 1:32 split.

Costs for DEDICATED fiber start around $550 a month for 10/10 connection with SLA and multi yeat contract.

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