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Wed, Sep 29, 2021 1:32 PM

Eligibility for fiber

AT&T has recently been in our neighborhood installing fiber optic cabling including a new enclosure in my front yard. When I use the "check eligibility" tool on the website I can see that every other address on my street is now eligible to receive fiber internet except mine. This include the addresses directly adjacent to mine. Is it possible that there was an error in there system updating available addresses? I'd like to sign up for the service, but not sure who to contact to get that updated.



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Tell us a little more about your street and how your address is located vs other addresses on the street.

For example are you on a corner lot? When you check addresses do the addresses on either side of your address on the same side of the street qualify for Fiber service today?

Could you post a picture of this new enclosure in your yard or describe it in more detail? Is it a tan color cabinet above ground with one or more doors?

Or is it buried underground with a Green cover marked with AT&T and Carson or maybe a concrete box buried with a white concrete cover?

Yes the Standard Address DB can contain errors. Was you house built the same time as other houses on the street? Also do you live in a single family home or in an Apartment building?

You should fill out the following web form: https://www.att.com/shop/unified/availability/address-research-request.html

It may take up to a month to receive a response to this web request.


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