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Sunday, February 21st, 2021 6:56 PM

Available in my city... but not my home.

I'm tired of cox. I'm tired of cox coxing things up. I know other ISPs aren't much better, apologies to the apologists that will arise, but at the very least I want the option to not let cox cox around with me. I am at the point where I would almost be happy to pay out of pocket to get the fiber ran across the street because I know my neighbors have access to AT&T but I don't for some reason. This is not a backwoods place or anything.

I'm in San Clemente, 92673, and I pay cox an absurd amount for a modem and gigabit that is cable I can't justify replacing and them month by month reducing the amount of freedom I have because of it. I have zero other options. 

HOW do I convince mr. stankey that I deserve special treatment? 

What if I pumped the stock? I can probably write some bullsh underlying justifications for AT&T bull run and then we'll take it to 2x current market cap on the backs of now-justified institutions. Is that enough??? Do you want me to buy the stock too?? I can!! I will!

No, but seriously, is there a way to encourage expanding into this area further, because I'm so tired of cox I'd rather change masters for a month or two at least. 

edit: dang there's a lot of threads about this already. my bad. point remains. ill ask about the database thing

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3 years ago

ATT provides hardwired service to over 82% of the addresses in your zip code listed. Over 18% of all those addresses have direct fiber FTTP with internet 1000, the majority would be ADSL2+ (best speed of 18 or less) or VDSL with speeds of 25 to 100 depending upon facilities available and your distance from those facilities.

With over 14 million addresses  within 21 state footprint, ATT is adding another 2 million addresses this year, and hopefully will continue to so for several more years. 

Not all addresses will receive fiber service, if desire a choice, have you considered relocation to where the service choices you desire are available?

If not willing to relocate then waiting on an IF or WHEN moment that may or may not happen this decade. 5G wireless internet from cell tower may be another choice. 


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