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Mon, May 9, 2022 5:37 AM

att fiber 2gb

If i get att fiber 2gb plan would i need to upgrade my lan and wifi card? currently on my motherboad the lan says 10/100/1000?




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Il y a 2 m

Yes to the wired connection, but the wifi can't even go as fast as a 1Gbps connection so none of your wifi stuff needs to change. 


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Il y a 2 m

Only pay for what you need.  


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Il y a 2 m

@skywalkerB2020 , that depends on why you want to get 2 Gbps service.  If you want the entire 2 Gbps to be available to your PC, then yes, you'd need a card that will negotiate something faster than 1 Gbps with the single 5 Gbps port on the BGW320.  Theoretically, 802.11ax could deliver more than 1 Gbps to a single client, but given the radio restrictions on the BGW320, I don't think that's happening either.

If, on the other hand, you want there to be an aggregate of 2 Gbps to be available for multiple devices in your home, but not necessarily any one of them to have more than 1 Gbps, then no, no upgrades are necessary.

In the near term, you might want to ask yourself what you expect to be able to deliver a sustained stream of more than 1 Gbps to your single client.  As more multi-gigabit subscriber offerings become available, more servers will become available to support them, but even some speed tests struggle getting over 1 Gbps.

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