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Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 11:57 PM


Amazon Smart Home Bundle Scam

When I signed up for AT&T Fiber, I was told by the person helping me that I would get a couple of bonus items. One of those was a smart home bundle from Amazon. After 30 days of service I had not received the email I was told I would, which included a link for the Amazon bundle, so I contacted customer support. The person I talked to said I should continue to wait and that it could take 45 days to process. On or about day 60, I contacted customer service again who told me to continue to wait, but that the link would eventually come. A few more months went by, still no link, so I made another phone call. Only this time I was told I did not qualify for the Amazon smart home bundle because it has to be set up at the point of purchasing fiber service. Their explanation was that “well, it looks like whoever did your sale didn’t put in the request to the rewards department to process the amazon bundle.”

I was informed there was nothing that could be done. Naturally, I was taken back by this information seeing as twice previously I had been told to wait for the link. Furthermore, the person told me I should have been more productive in finding out why I hadn’t received the link instead of just assuming it would come… Did I mention I was told by 2 customer service representatives that it would “eventually come”?

After attempting to plead my case of how this was bad service, the customer service person put me on hold while he talked to his manager. He eventually came back with “I can offer you a $20 credit on your account.” Obviously this was flat-out insulting. What I now find the most ironic is the latest AT&T commercial with the spokesperson on an airplane telling someone “it’s not that you don’t keep your word, it’s just that you haven’t.” This is beyond appalling coming from a company who said I would get something, reassured me twice that it was coming, then ultimately said I didn’t qualify for it because the person who did the sale didn’t push a button on a computer and submit a request to the rewards department. But then to offer a $20 account credit to cover for a $340 (that’s the cost of the Amazon bundle) mistake AND THEN tell me I should have been more proactive… that’s just bad form, AT&T. Bad form.

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9 months ago

We hear you, and happy to guide you @ba20071011!


We recommend that you please contact our AT&T Reward Center Team. You can reach them at 800-288-9983 and, they are available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday.


For further assistance, we are always here to help!


Nate, AT&T Community Forum Specialist.


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8 months ago

Same issue but with the $100 Visa Reward Card. The first person, a manager, I spoke to at the Reward Center was not very nice or helpful. Kept telling me I had the Amazon Home Bundle Reward and they could not add the $100 Visa Reward. Never even heard of the Amazon home bundle until I called and it certainly wasn't on my Reward account. It miraculously showed up once I hung up. Didn't care that I had a transcript of the chat clearly telling me that when I placed my order I would get the the $100 Visa Reward. I just kept being repeatedly told the only reward available to me was the smart home bundle. I still have no dang idea what it is!

I thought surely this is incorrect. So, I called the reward center back. Spoke to a very nice person, very understanding, customer service skills on point. Although, she did tell me that it didn't matter that I had a transcript of the chat confirming eligibility for the $100 Visa reward card. She also couldn't explain to me why this "smart home bundle reward" just showed up on my reward account immediately after I spoke with the not so nice manager. Again, can't do anything for me - call customer loyalty. She transferred me.

Customer service couldn't do anything for me but offer me $5 off my Internet bill a month. 

Did I mention that we have been AT&T wireless customers for I know over 10 years? Was a DirectTV customer over 10 years and now a new fiber customer? NEVER AGAIN!


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