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Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 9:59 AM

Will ATT Technician Run Fiber Optic Cable Through My Attic

I am currently remodeling the house and has planned to use a closet somewhere in the middle of the house (not adjacent to any external wall) as my network closet.

I noticed that the house already has an ATT NID box near the electric meter outside of the house. 

My question is where will ATT technician install the ONT box? I read that I would then connect the ONT to the Gateway, is that correct?

Follow-up question: If I want the ONT box to be installed in my network closet, can/will the ATT technician run the optical cable through my attic? (I suppose the optical cable is safe for in-wall and in attic installation?) 

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2 years ago


I have 6 power receptacles (12 plugs) in this closet, so no problems there. The closet was designed to run all of my networking and computer equipment, for which I have a lot of (servers, computers, routers, switches, etc).


I use Ubiquiti equipment. I have the house pre-wired for 3 different access points in the ceiling to keep my wifi coverage strong everywhere. Every room is also hard-wired with one or more Cat6A drops. I don't need any wifi coming from the AT&T gateway.

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